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June 24, 1999, 04:46 PM
Hello all. I am new to TFL. "It's my first time ;)".

My ususal spot is AR15.com and I thought I'd see what all the good comments were about here.

My purpose for posting here is that I need you help with something. I've designed a portable target system that will have interchangeable "target plates" of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

My question for you is what type of targets should I provide if I want to supply to the "Cowboy" market? What do you guys shoot at?

I'm on #3 prototype right now and would like to market this if it is received well. I had folks bidding on my prototype when I took it to the range.

Thanks in advance for your help.

June 25, 1999, 09:43 AM
If you're talking steel, locally we use the same plates and poppers that other disciplines use. CAS regs pretty much regulate speed of projectiles. My 44 cowboy loads run around 700 - 800 or so if I remember right out of 7 1/2" Vaqueros. Been a looooong time since I did any chronographing. SASS webstie has the velocity limits posted , I believe.
We have made up some cardboard cutouts and sketched them up as appropriate (bg, no shoot, etc).
As for styles, mostly I've seen "the usual suspects"; bg holding weapon, kid with toy, lady holding shovel and that ilk (B5 type targets).

June 25, 1999, 12:27 PM
Hmm, do you guys always shoot at targets that large?

The current "design" I have will suspend a target, off the ground, about 30 inches. The targets I have tried out are MUCH smaller than what you ementioned - more like rectangles in 10"x12", 10"x18", 8" round, etc.

Are these types of target sizes used by the "cowboy" shooters?

Thanks again. I'm trying to learn about this cowboy shooting thing...


Bill Mitchell
June 25, 1999, 03:03 PM
Howdy CMOS,

Welcome to TFL!

The target type and size is really dependent on the club. The club I'm a member of,The Cherokee Cowboys,uses steel silhouettes the same size as IPSC silhouettes for pistol targets,and 12x12 diamonds for rifle targets. I've shot with clubs that use 12" circles or squares for all of their targets.

How exactly will these be hung above the ground??

Bellicose Bill

June 25, 1999, 05:47 PM
There is basically a "fold out" frame design that has three "legs" that can be shoved in the ground if desired. I have tested it on solid ground without pushing the leg points into the dirt and it was still rock solid.

The design is such that you can switch targets in about 3 seconds to many different shapes and sizes. These "shapes and sizes" are what I'm trying to find out here.

I'm sure if folks just want to plink that the 10x12 or 12x18 will suit them just fine but I'd like to be able to penetrate multuple markets. A friend of mine suggested I look into the cowboy shooters.

So here I am :).

Next weekend I test the target thickness with my AR15 and my HK91. SO far I have tested .38, .357, 9mm and 12ga "00" at close range - not so much as a dent.

Any additional comments would be helpful.


Bill Mitchell
June 25, 1999, 06:18 PM

The most important thing for CAS shooters is durability. Not just the targets,but the stand and point where the target attaches to the stand. I would say that you need to shoot not just the target,but the legs and attachment point and see how they stand up to the abuse that CAS shooters can dish out.

Bellicose Bill

June 26, 1999, 12:11 AM
SASS dropped the 600 fps minimum velocity rule this year.
Maximum velocities are 1000 fps revolver and 1400 fps rifle

You might ask the folks over at www.cascity.com (http://www.cascity.com) and www.gunfighter.com (http://www.gunfighter.com) (click on the cowboy action shooting forum.)


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June 27, 1999, 07:32 AM
We use just standard sized steel and the cardboard b/c we have all different experience level shooters at the matches. Quite a few could easily use the smaller sized targets but several of the shooters are neophyte shooters who were inticed by the CAS "bug". That is one of the advantages of CAS, it tends to bring in people who otherwise would not be active shooters. It seems quite a sizeable number of newbies (and seasoned shooters as well) want to play "cowboy".

June 28, 1999, 07:34 AM
Bill Mitchell, ahead of you on that one. While "testing" I have completely removed the target plate and purposely tried to mangle the frame - so far to no avail - it held up!

This weekend I will do testing on rifle calibers.

OK, so if I want to maket to the CAS folks, where would I advertise?

Thanks again.

Bill Mitchell
June 28, 1999, 10:10 AM

All members of SASS receive the Cowboy Chronicle,so that would be a good place to start advertising.SASS (http://www.sassnet.com)

Send SASS and email or call them,and they will be glad to give you the advertising rates.

Also,Trail's End magazine caters to the CAS crowd. You can reach them through CAS City (http://www.cascity.com).

Good Luck,

Bellicose Bill

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