View Full Version : Dirty Ammo?

May 18, 2005, 08:37 PM
Today, when I was shooting Trap & Skeet I used some of Remington's Traget Loads in 12 Gauge. I've used their Ammo almost exclusively as a game load, yet never on the trap & skeet range (usually use AA or Kreiger). When I was cleaning my barrel, I had all sorts of crap in there, that looked like dirty powder or something. I've never had any previous experience with this particular load, and have actually prefered Remington's ammo over most others for field use. Has any one else had the same thing happen with Remington's Target Loads?

Big Yac
May 19, 2005, 01:28 AM
were the Remington shells the Gun Club hulls or did they say Remington Sport Load on them? Either way I've found them to be alittle dirtier than other shells but they reload nicely(using Remington STS data). You might not get 12 or 15 reloading like with the STS hulls but you can get 5 to 10. Nothing wrong with shells that are alittle dirty, you clean your gun anyways right? :)
I guess though if you had a gas operated semi auto you might be alittle more concerned about the cleanliness of shells but for a pump or break action (single barrel or O/U) theres not much to worry about.