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March 21, 1999, 09:51 AM
Does anybody have any expereince with the Rossi 1892 rifle, esp. in 44-40? Also wondering what a legit price is today.


Greg G
March 21, 1999, 11:10 AM

Here in the Dallas area they start at $269
for a 16' barrel with blue finish up to $370 for 20" barrel in stainless steel. You can get one with a 20" barrel in blue for around $279-$289. I think the prices are the same for all calibers.

I recently bought one chambered in .38 special/.357 magnum with a 20" barrel in ss trim. I have only shot about 75 rounds through it but so far it has functioned very well. I like the fact that I can shoot it at the pistol range I belong to as it is chambered in a pistol caliber.

A reputable dealer here told me that since Taurus purchased Rossi, these rifles will no longer be manufactured. Interarms will continue to honor the lifetime warranty you get with the purchase of one.

There have been previous threads regarding these rifles that you might want to search
back for. Consider my reply a thumbs-up
for the Rossi 92.


Bill Mitchell
March 21, 1999, 11:45 AM
Howdy Shooter,

Greg gave you info on what you can expect to pay for a Rossi 92. They are decent,reliable guns that are quite popular with CAS shooters. When new,they can be a little rough action-wise,but a good gunsmith can slicken them up for a nominal fee,or just using it can smooth it up. Taurus is now importing the Rossi,and,while I'm pretty sure that they will continue to produce the 92,they will be adding a crossbolt safety to it. If you can find one without the crossbolt,buy it. I own a Rossi carbine,and it is a good,accurate shooter,but the rifle I prefer is a Marlin Cowboy. It is a great shooter,smooth out of the box, has excellent sights and is also popular with CAS shooters. It does have a crossbolt safety,but that's not a big deal to me. If possible,shoot as many of the rifles as you can before you buy.

Bellicose Bill

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Daniel Watters
March 21, 1999, 03:51 PM
Taurus is importing Rossi's handguns only; however, Navy Arms will be importing the Rossi rifles. Unfortunately, it appears that Navy Arms will be bumping up the prices from the Rossi/Interarms levels. I suspect once someone at Taurus figures out how much profit there are letting slip away, they will import the Rossi rifles as well.

El Chimango Pete
March 25, 1999, 08:37 AM
Howdy - Taurus bought up Rossi recently, making a new brazilian company called 'Braztech' I believe. Both build to good standards, the only way they can get you pardners in the US (outside military, main market - we cant live off banannas alone :) ) to fork out your earnings. Same happened to our Bersa people here.
My undrestanding is that Rossi will keep control of the long guns for a while more - all handguns will be Taurus.
For my part, ive shot early Rossi lever guns and rate them tops (I own a Marlin in 30-30 and lately a Winchester in 45: Offhand i'd rank those Rossi's somewhere between - nad from what i hear, the later ones along with the Winchester.
Newer Rossi's appear to need a bit of work on the actions - easy for a good gunsmith.
Regarding prices: Cant say from here - any gun costs us about twice your price, here in Argentina - our neighbour Brazil's only a little less.

Trapdoor Billy
April 3, 1999, 08:02 PM
Had mine fer about 3 years - love it, no problems, shoots like a ball-o-fire. Probably just jinxed myself. ;-)