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March 3, 1999, 12:12 PM
How did you come about CAS alias? Is it based on an actual person/place/event/thing? Did you pick it for any special reason or social content? Maybe you wanted to make a statement.
I use Missouri (where I'm from) and sometimes Cart Ridge (get it? cartridge). So I've got one serious? and one frivilous alias.

Bill Mitchell
March 3, 1999, 02:20 PM

Aliases result from all of the things you mentioned. SASS encourages folks to come up with a "persona",and the alias should derive from that. Nowadays,with SASS numbers reaching the 25,000 number,coming up with an original alias is becoming more and more difficult. Lots of historical figures and TV and movie names are taken. I simply made up a list of ones I liked and sent them into SASS. I was fortunate to get my first choice. SASS will send you a list of aliases that are already taken,making coming up with an original one much easier. I wanted one that sounded sort of like "Buffalo Bill",and I came up with "Bellicose Bill". I like it,but my shooting pards like to twist it into such things as "Billygoat Bill","Baklava Bill",and "Bungalow Bill". It's all in fun,and I get a kick out of it :)

Bellicose Bill

El Chimango Pete
March 5, 1999, 03:50 PM
"El Chimango Pete" is a Scots-Irish pirate that served as a mercenary in the Confederate Navy. After the War Between the States he was stranded (on his way to Californian gold fields) in South America. There he became a notorious bandoleer…" :)
Actually part family history, although my Scots great grandfather (Metcalfe) that was stranded in Chile on the way to the Klondike wouldn't appreciate being called a mercenary or 'bandolero'.
"Chimango" is a small carrion bird, looks a little like a hawk, that is all over the place in this country, usually picking up leftovers after its big cousins, the buzzards. It's so abundant that to do something worthless, wasting useful resources is called "gastar polvora en chimangos": "wasting powder on 'chimangos'…" (the expression would be meaningless outside Argentina).
I got the nick shooting black powder - quite appropriate as I would miss a lot but with a great deal of noise and smoke (especially with the 10 gauge muzzleloader and 90 grains of BP I shoot sometimes - or 'the other' barrel of a replica Le Mat).

Trapdoor Billy
March 8, 1999, 07:16 AM
Easy - Bill is my first name, Trapdoor's are my game. Was gonna say first love, but the wife and kids might not appreciate that.