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February 10, 1999, 02:41 PM
I actually posted this elsewhere but this is probably a better place for an answer. Has anyone seen the new Colt cowboy? I heard it was assembled in the U.S. of foreign parts is this true? Also what is the quality compared to Ruger?

February 10, 1999, 09:08 PM
That's the rumor. Made here..sorta. The price is suppose to be $600..that's 2 Uberti's or Cimorron around these parts. Have not seen the Colt yet. Good question.

El Chimango Pete
February 11, 1999, 11:53 AM
Be most interesting to see if Colt's has gone for ol' Samuels design or (Ruger style) has made a 'new and improved' version - keeping in mind your shysters over there in the USofA and the current obsession with the crazy idea that guns will inevitably hurt people unless they are equiped with more locks than the Fort Knox. "Wild Bill sues Colt 'cause he wern't tol' 'bout the empty chamber thang..." <<GG>>

February 12, 1999, 10:59 AM
Haven't seen one either but it'll be different to have a safety on a single action. I read somewhere that the cylinder pin doubles as the safety. Pull partially out (or push in?) operates a manual safety. I believe that it also uses coil springs but I'm not sure on this point.

4V50 Gary
February 21, 1999, 12:05 PM
Check out the March 1999 edition of the American Rifleman for a writeup on the Colt Cowboy.