View Full Version : Favorite Scenerio?

February 19, 1999, 10:57 PM
No, not the one you shot the best but the one you liked shooting the most. I tend to like the ones that stray from the herd. Sometimes, I feel like my local shoot gets stuck in a rut and the scenerios begin to go..like..5 pistol, another 5 pistol, 9 rifle, then 2 shotgun. Over and over. Here's one from last season I liked: "..your mare took one with your name on it..you dive behind your downed beast..and with balls busting sod around you..you grab your shoot'in iron and begin pick'in off the approach'in riders(18 rifle rounds-including reloading!) they begun to turn-tail and run from your fine shoot'in but ah-what the heck..draw your six-gun and shoot some tails for fun.." We then engaged the far rifle targets(about 40yrds) with our pistol. Lost no time for misses but got a bonus for hits. I want to shoot those kind more often! Yeah..I want another chance at those far riders!

February 20, 1999, 12:49 PM
I like stages that use all three weapons and where you have to move with the stage. Where I shoot they tend to design pistol and rifle stages with one only stage using shotguns. We hardly ever have reloading stages and those are usually only a single reload in the pistol, so that you never get a chance to unload and reload the pistol until the unloading table. The only reloads are usually one reload (two rounds) for the shotgun.