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Bill Mitchell
October 17, 1998, 04:22 PM

I'd like to hear why folks have chosen the pistols they use for CAS. Is it looks, historical accuracy,fit,or the way it's built?

Personally,I started out with Ruger Vaqueros,but found the grips to be a bit too big for my hands. I found a used Uberti 1875 Remington with a 7 1/2 inch barrel in a gunshop. I not only liked the way that the grips felt,but I liked the looks,also. I have since matched it up with a 5 1/2 inch Remington,and I'm very happy with both.

Bellicose Bill

October 18, 1998, 08:59 AM
I've got two Vaqueros with stag grips. I bought them both used. I went with the Vaquero so I wouldl't have to reload yet another caliber. I also have a stainless Redhawk, Super Blackhawk and a Marlin 1894. I'm thinking of getting another and putting on a "birdshead" grip frame.
If you don't mind my asking how much was the Uberti? Sounds like a great find.

Bill Mitchell
October 18, 1998, 10:55 AM

I've got a Marlin 1894 Cowboy,as well,and it is really a great rifle. My first Uberti(used) cost $275,which,considering its great condition,was a real deal. The Uberti I bought new was $400,through EMF. Both have had action jobs. These are really good shooters,and are unique,as not too many folks use them.

Adding bird's head grips bring up another interesting point that we were discussing at our monthly match yesterday. While it's OK for gun companies to make such hybrids,it's considered an illegal external modification,per SASS rules,for an individual to add a BH grip to any gun not also manufactured that way. For instance, it used be illegal to add a Bisley grip,trigger,and hammer to a Vaquero,but now that Ruger makes them that way,it's OK for an individual to make the same mods. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Bellicose Bill

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Trapdoor Billy
October 21, 1998, 04:34 AM
Started out with Colt's in .45 Colt, A model 97 cause I had it and a Rossi in .44-40, had to buy that one. Had a bunch of Trapdoors too, but you could probably figure that one out. Have added to the Colt's and own a Cimarron Model-P, which BTW I like, plan to get some more and put the Colts on the wall. Also picked a Remi SxS M-1900 which I am using more and more.

November 26, 1998, 06:43 PM
I'm shooting Ruger Vaqueros because they are so strong and because they shoot nice. I started with a German clone and it just didn't hold up. I have 2 matching .44 mags with those plastic "ivory" grips. I shoot only .44 Specials for CAS.
Aren't there any Cowboy shooters out there or you all bashful. Go ahead and say something.


Jim March
February 14, 1999, 04:26 PM
So OK, I went through the SASS rules, and I have a few questions. My primary interest is handgun events.

1) Why is nobody shooting .357 downloaded to 1,000FPS or for that matter, a .38spl slightly warm to equal that point?

2) Is stainless finish a problem?

3) Has anybody used the Freedom Arms 6shot .357 yet? I handled one once, and lemme tell ya, that is a TIGHT gun. Tolerances are just this side of an F16 engine, it's unreal. I am deeply in lust with that gun, and want to know if it's legal with the plain Vaquero-style sights. Also: there's an optional fixed-sight setup that can be removed to allow for scope mounts...one option would be to get that setup but remove the whole rear sight assembly with two screws, bolt in a "traditional style" v-notch setup. Other than two screws in the topstrap, it'd look fine...and the only advantage I'd get is better flexibility with this $1,400 monster when *not* at a SASS event.

4) I assume a leather-over-Kydex speedleather rig ain't gonna fly? :D


Jim March

Bill Mitchell
February 14, 1999, 07:00 PM
Howdy Jim,

To answer your first question,a large number of folks shoot the .38/.357. Typically,these are loaded down to well below the 1,000 fps ceiling set by SASS,for the simple fact of reduced recoil. In fact,most shooters that load their own ammo load it light,and factory "cowboy" loads are just downloaded factory ammo using the prerequsite lead bullets. A lot of folks choose the .38/.357 due to the lower cost of factory ammo. Factory loads for .44/40 and .45 Colt can really drive up your costs. I personally shoot .45 Colt and handload my own ammo. No one I know loads to the 1,000fps point,simply because that means more recoil. It's very rare that you'll see a pistol or rifle target that is a knockdown,though almost all shotgun targets are knockdowns or resetting poppers.

Stainless steel guns are legit. You'll see many stainless Rugers and some stainless Rossi 92 rifles.

The Freedom Arms guns are quality pistols. Either type of sights are legal,but you'll be in the Modern catagory if you use adjustable sights,and in the Traditional catagory with fixed sights.

Gunleather needs to be Old West style,or B-movie buscadero.

I see that you state that your primary interest is handgun events. Main match stages in CAS typically require two pistols,a rifle and a shotgun,in differing combinations. Each gun type is defined in the SASS rulebook. Some matches may have side stages,such as pocket pistol/derringer,long range rifle, and speed shotgun.

Bellicose Bill

El Chimango Pete
February 14, 1999, 08:58 PM
First pistol: a Vaquero in 357 - I have other 357's as standard use/traing guns, Tarus, Rossi and lately a GP-100 and so have shells and reloading equipment for the one of the best defense and revolver calibers. with the advantage of being able to use the 38 spl (my wifes basic defense gun)
Second: Wanted to get closer to the 'feel' of the old cowboy shooting - which the 357 is not - tho' as Bill says, it can be downloaded, so got an Uberti in 45 LC (also a Winchester '84 in 45 - not authentic, but close enough) i rejected 44.40 because it would only be cowboy - the 45 can be as good as a 45 acp - again, defense/gp/instruction (have several 45 autos, 1911, SIG) - then began loading the 45LC a bit too hot for the Uberti (which I felt, by the way closest to the old Colt SAA) - so I added another Vaquero in 45 LC. Had i known about (and been able to import) Guslingers 44 mag/44.40 i would have got my rifle revolver combo in 44.

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Jim March
February 15, 1999, 06:13 AM
What about the "Duellist" side events? Are they "single gun", and would the fixed-sight stainless stuff be legal there?

How common are such events? Can someone enter "just that", or in some other way concentrate on handgun, at least to start?

Jim March

Bill Mitchell
February 15, 1999, 02:16 PM
Howdy Jim,

Duelist isn't a side match-it's a main match catagory. Duelist shooters shoot with one hand. Some shoot both pistols with one hand,others shoot the right side gun with the right hand and the left side gun with the left hand. Some clubs also have a Gunfighter catagory,where both pistols are shot at the same time on selected stages-one in the left hand and one in the right. If someone were unable to shoot rifles and shotguns-an amputee,for example-then the club would let that person shoot all targets with the pistol. If someone just doesn't own a rifle or shotgun,then you'll find most folks are more than willing to let you borrow what ever you need,as long as you provide the ammo. SASS matches typically use all three gun types,so that's what you'll need to be prepared for when you attend a SASS match.

Bellicose Bill

February 19, 1999, 10:30 PM

February 19, 1999, 10:40 PM
I started with Vaqueros but now shoot a 7" model P Cimorron with a 3" Uberti Thunderer for back-up. I wanted to get as close to the original weapons as I could-without actually shooting something that old! Can't beat a Ruger for quality and strength but I'm beginning to love these 2 pistols. I like the lighter weight and looks. I shoot duelist and actually find them a disadvantage compared to the single stroke of a Ruger hammer but I'm not there to be a speed freak...well, as fast as I can with how and what I shoot! Hey, Thanks for ask'in.