View Full Version : 1 load for all 3?

January 23, 1999, 08:16 PM
Howdy folks! I'm hoping to load the same ammo for both pistols and rifle. I've recently gone over to Cimmerons(sp?) that shoot .454 sized bullets and I'm hoping to make them work in my Marlin "cowboy 1894". Will I run into trouble-God, I hope not!

Bill Mitchell
January 23, 1999, 10:00 PM

The real question here is whether you can safely shoot .454 bullets with your Marlin. Whether your pressures will get too high is dependent on type and size of powder load
and size and hardness of bullet,among other things,like crimp and case sizing. But,assuming your loading down for CAS,powder shouldn't be a problem,so bullet hardness might be the deciding factor. Slug your Marlin bore and see what size it is. You may have to just use two different size bullets.
Personally,I shoot .452,but I shoot 200 gr. bullets from my pistols and 250 gr. bullets from my rifles. I use two Uberti 1875 Remingtons and a Marlin Cowboy.

Bellicose Bill

January 24, 1999, 09:34 AM
I shoot 44 and I use the same load out of my Vaqueros and Marlin. That way I don't have to keep ammo seperated and "remember" which ammo to put where on the belts. Have to admit that I thought about it when I started up but I'm not in it for competition, I just like the shooting part and if I don't place it doesn't matter to me.

January 24, 1999, 11:53 AM
Thanks Fellas, In the past was loading 2 diff calibers..44 mag in the rifle and 45 Colt in the pistols. I too, shoot my best but with no attention paid to gamesmenship- just shoot'em how they play out. Don't want the trouble of seperate ammo. Once stuck a 44 in my Vaq 45 and fired it---cool. The load would be (for the Marlin): 6.7 Unique, .454 sized, 1-30 cast 250 rnfp,Starline brass, CCI 300..Any suggs are appreciated.

Trapdoor Billy
January 27, 1999, 05:52 AM
Couple of my Pards shooting .45 Colts with .454, one in a Marlin the other in a Rossi. I think they are using 5.0 RedDot - I can check if ya want.

January 30, 1999, 08:01 PM
Please do Trapdoor Billy. I'd like to hear what there receipe is. If by chance they go to the trouble of casting their own, please include what lube is used. I take it you love the trapdoor springfields..me to! Got a replica for $200 while waiting for a Sharps to arrive. At the moment, I shoot the heck out of the Trapdoor..while my Sharps waits for me.

Trapdoor Billy
February 6, 1999, 09:15 AM

5.0 RD, .454 RNFP, purchased bullets, but they did find a mold and will be casting soon.

Trapdoor, the single shot rifle :-). Enjoy your Sharps when it shows up. $200.00, now that was a deal.