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January 27, 1999, 08:17 PM
Was chew'in the fat with my pardner in CAS and was asked why I shootist "Duelist". The real reason is: It feels more natural to me to shoot a SA that way. Am I a better shot that way? I doubt it. I like the "Spirit of the games" thing, and it give me the excuse I need to just go and have fun "busting caps and spraying balls". I told my buddy it was cause, "thats how they shot". I'm wondering how much truth there is in that. I've heard of Wild Bill steading a shot off his weak arm but did most shooters of that era shoot one-handed??

January 29, 1999, 11:18 AM
I would imagine that they shot both ways. Whatever came naturally to them. Old newspaper accounts usually tell of using the "duellist" style though. Actually from what I've read, rifles were the more prevalent weapon as they were much more useful and at a dollar a day the average cowpoke couldn't afford to buy much after buying and taking care of a good saddle, boots, and Boss Of The Plains (usually over a period of several months). Luckily they usually wore out at different intervals.

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