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4V50 Gary
December 22, 1998, 09:57 PM
Howdy there?

What's an inexepensive but durable (southpaw) holster & belt setup and please don't laugh if I show up with a piece of rope and Fairmont Hotel towel for a loincloth. After taxes, it's all I can afford. Anybody got any barrels?


December 23, 1998, 10:43 AM
Have you tried any local gunshows? Around here there are usually one or more holster makers at many of the bigger shows. You may also want to try CAS City's links at www.cascity.com/mainstreet.htm. Also go to some CAS matches, quite often individuals and/or vendors set up at the larger meets.

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Bill Mitchell
December 26, 1998, 04:33 PM

Hunter and Triple K make inexpensive and good quality holsters and gunbelts. Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops carry both brands.

Bellicose Bill

December 26, 1998, 05:52 PM
Gary, I have a hunter double loop holster that is ok, but I'm not sure it comes in left handed. If you are handy I think you could unsew it, turn it inside out and sew it back as a southpaw rough side out holster. Or go to Tandy leather and get the makings and do it yourself. My wife is a southpaw too so I made her holster. If you shoot cap and ball Cabelas has several holsters.
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Dakota Law Dog
December 28, 1998, 03:21 PM
When I first started, I made my rig out of old holsters from the holster graveyard box. I made a nice x-draw out of an old hunter holster, took off the thumb strap, a piece of raw hide for hammer tie down, and a couple of chicago screws from a sling to give it the right angle and to tighten it up. I used a regular belt at first, and then boght a Bianchi cartridge belt.

Look in the Dillon catalog. San Pedro holsters are there and fairly reasonable. Still not cheap. That is what I use now, and am welll pleased. Just add on a little at a time.

January 27, 1999, 08:17 PM
Gary, Good News. I just got my new Cabelas Shooting catalog the other day and Hunter now has a left handed cowboy holster. I ordered one. I already have a right handed one and it is a well made holster for the price. Bill


January 28, 1999, 08:58 PM
Dito BillOh's advice. About the cheapest you could go-would be with the "Slim Jims" listed around the cap n' ball sales and a work belt with shells carried loose. Tell Santa you've made a mistake and he HASTA come back!