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January 16, 1999, 09:18 PM
If someone doesn't ride in and stoke
it up soon the fires gonna go out!
Where is everyone? CAS-L?

Rich Lucibella
January 17, 1999, 10:09 AM
This Forum is the bain of my existence! ;)

As I don't know where all the Cowboy gunnies hang out, I've had a tough time getting the word out. any help in this regard would be appreciated...let your friends, clubs and lists know...no spam, please.

January 17, 1999, 03:15 PM
Howdy Rich,
You might head on over to
CAS-l and check out their fire
to. http:www.sass.net . Click
on Cas-City go to discussion,
and so on. I like this site as
well, I just can't seem to get
enough Cowboy talk!!! I grew
up on the old westerns. I'm
now a retired police officer and
I build custom Vaqueros for
cowboy shooting. I don't
really make much money at it
but it's a good excuse to talk
cowboy and gun stuff.
Give me a hooler at my own
e-mail if you like. gunscustom

Dakota Law Dog
January 17, 1999, 11:09 PM
Post this site URL on sasseot.com on SASS Wire. Lots of cowboy shooters there.

Rich Lucibella
January 18, 1999, 09:09 AM
Gunslinger...thanks fopr the info.

DLD...please check the URL...I get an error.

Bill Mitchell
January 18, 1999, 02:51 PM
Howdy Rich,

Most of the CAS discussion goes on at three locations: gunfighter.com,SASS Wire,and the CAS-L mailing list. At one time or another,
I've given word of this discussion area at all three spots,but folks seem reluctant to explore a new area. I'll keep trying,though :)

Bellicose Bill

January 18, 1999, 03:29 PM
Howdy All,
Just repeating what Bill Mitchel posted.
Bill, I wasn't aware of the SASS wire un-
til reading your post. Thanks alot. More
people would probably use thefireingline if
suscribing were possible. That's what I do
with cascity & gunfighter and it's very con-
venient to have it on my regular mail when
I log on. The message that someone has
responded works but it's not ideal.
Does anyone else know of any other CAS discussion groups that haven't already been posted in this thread?

Rich Lucibella
January 18, 1999, 04:26 PM
Thanks, Bill. Time and faith are in order.

Bill Mitchell
January 18, 1999, 06:31 PM
Howdy Gunslinger,

Guntalk has a CAS section,although it's kinda clunky to use-www.shooters.com.

Bellicose Bill

El Chimango Pete
January 21, 1999, 03:14 PM
The CAS list is huge. ive subscribed to it recently and the amount of postings is overwhelming. Perhaps this forum is better for a smewhat slower dialog, subjects 'in-depth'? - Cowboy shooting is just starting up in Argentina (did you know that Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid. Etta Place set up residence in the South here? they gathered together the rest of the gang, did some 'jobs' (some got killed, were chased by Pinkertons) before moving on to their death/escape (i prefer the latter) in Bolivia. Im in Cordoba, thats plumb center of the country. Most of the action is in Buenos Aires, on the River Plate 500 miles South East. There were many other "americanos", some of doubtful repute, and many others - stranded on their way by ship to the Klondike by way of Cape Horn, or otherwise immigrants to the plains and sierra here in Argentina.

Member NRA, Single Action Shooters, Muzzle Loaders, other clubs in Argentina. Cetified Firearms Instructor

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Rich Lucibella
January 21, 1999, 06:35 PM
Welcome to The Firing Line. Look forward to your participation here.
Rich Lucibella

January 22, 1999, 09:28 AM
Do the CAS types down your way lean more towards the B western movie look (1950s black & white movies and serials) or the actual historic look?

El Chimango Pete
January 22, 1999, 08:20 PM
The CAS that's started in Buenos Aires seems to have grown out of the muzzle loaders group… though there be some from practical shooters and such. In Cordoba (500 miles distant), from the latter (IPSIC) – but in all cases, very small and just beginning. No formal rules yet. I’m associated with both but haven’t had a chance to check out Cordoba yet, though I’m much closer (80 miles) – I had a chance to join my black powder pals in Bs. As.: The favorite event was dueling, twin poppers… fanning like mad to shoot down opponents target (timed). Also a ‘bucking bronco’ was around. There have been more elaborate scenarios and has probably been some evolution since. In any case, though most would be ‘B-western’ fans I guess the bias would be toward ‘historical’ with a pinch of salt. For my part (SASS #20037 “El Chimango Pete” – I’d style my character “spaghetti western”). At present guess I AM the local club: only member so far… The idea is to try to get the sport going over our coming winter (your summer). With my two Vaqueros and an Uberti and suitable rigs, get some more shooters enthusiastic and tack on a ‘show’ to the regional Practical Shooting events. Maybe throw in some black powder stuff for effect (got a replica Colt 1851, a Rem. 1858 and a dilly of a 10-ga. BP shotgun that should get peoples attention when the smoke clears). Suggestions are welcome of course – be assured they will come to the attention of the committee right away. My own preference is towards reasonable historical authenticity but think we must be very flexible at first… if someone wants to shoot a Raging Bull 454 so be it.

January 23, 1999, 08:49 AM
Actually spaghetti westerns are where many of the stage designs come from. Out West there are (or were) stages based on the movie "The Wild Bunch" that are/were popular.

Trapdoor Billy
January 27, 1999, 05:58 AM

You can cut down on ya mail with that cas-l if ya change your subscription to Digest.
Usually 3 sometimes 4 a day. Still gotrta scroll through lots of post, but it does cut down on mail box clutter.