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Dakota Law Dog
January 17, 1999, 11:11 PM
If you had to buy new guns, yours vanished into thin air, for example, what would they be? You don't have an unlimited budget, so buy what you would be able to afford. Need a rifle, two pistols, a shotgun, and optional, a long range gun. Shooter Ready? Fire! :)

January 18, 1999, 02:02 AM
This is an easy one. Since you didn't specify if they are to be cowboy guns
or just all around guns in general I'll
list both.
Cowboy Guns:

Marlin 1894/.44 mag.

Ruger Vaqueros/Stainless/.44mag & .44-
40 dual caliber/4 5/8"

Rossie 12 gauge double/20"

Browning BPCR .45-70

General purpose guns:

Ruger Mini 14/stainless

S&W 629/.44 mag., 6"
S&W 617, 8"

Mossberg model 500 12 gauge, 30" full
choke & 28" modified barrels

Remington model 700, 7mm mag.

I'm anxiuos to which ones others are
going to list. (I may change my mind).

January 18, 1999, 10:25 AM
I'd buy the same CAS weapons I currently own; Marlin 1894 44 Mag, two Vaqueros (44 Mag), Stoeger Coach Gun and another Rolling Block.

4V50 Gary
January 18, 1999, 01:27 PM
"That's easy!" Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Ruger Vaqueros in 44 Mag, 4 5/8" bbl, stainless;

Marlin Lever in 44 Mag (used with no safety);

Win M97 shotgun, and;

Marlin 45/70 (used with no safety).

Bill Mitchell
January 18, 1999, 02:43 PM

I would get the exact same setup I have now: Uberti 1875 Remingtons in .45 Colt,a Marlin Cowboy in .45 Colt,and a Stoeger 12 gauge Coachgun.

Bellicose Bill

January 24, 1999, 11:59 AM
If the budget was a problem I would have to get 2 Vaq in 45 Colt and a Trapper in the same.( I find the Rossi rifle a bit short in my hands.) A 12ga. Stoger coach. BUT.. I'd never be the same after losing my original set of Cowboy guns!!