View Full Version : Cowboy Christmas

Bill Mitchell
December 22, 1998, 08:45 PM

How many of you cowboys out there are getting additions to your CAS armament for Xmas? Let's hear about them. I'm (finally) getting a Pedersoli 1874 Sharps to shoot at the local long range matches. I've been using a W&H Buffalo Classic,but I was really outclassed by the Sharps shooters I compete against. Now,maybe I'll be able to hold my own :)

Bellicose Bill

Trapdoor Billy
December 31, 1998, 10:37 AM
Wish I had getten a new gun, but oh well there is always next year. Good luck with it.

Rich Lucibella
December 31, 1998, 03:31 PM
Now there's another reason whay I *have* to get in on the action...the toys are too cool!.

Bill Mitchell
December 31, 1998, 07:36 PM
Howdy Rich,

Yup,a shooting sport that requires four guns gives lots of excuses for buying new hardware. And that doesn't include the long range stuff! Compared to some of my pards,my collection is real tame :)

Bellicose Bill