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December 10, 1998, 10:37 AM
Anyone know any makers of chaps in east central Missouri?

December 11, 1998, 07:01 PM
FAL308, ask around westeren wear stores,try feed and tack stores.If you see a pickup and trailer ,good place to ask. There will be someone in your area that tools leather.

December 12, 1998, 10:43 AM
Thanks JHS. I've tried the tack shops around here. They're all into English riding. As for where I live, if I went up and asked every pickup and trailer I would be locked up. BTW the gear I've seen most people around here use isn't what I'm looking for.

Bill Mitchell
December 12, 1998, 06:52 PM
While not located in Missouri,Tonto Rim Trading Company makes high quality chaps. They make batwing,shotgun,and chink-style chaps,in the fancy or plain working varieties. They are located in Indiana. Phone number is 1-800-242-HATS. Give them a call and they will send you their excellent catalog.

Bellicose Bill