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October 13, 1998, 06:57 AM
What is basically needed?...HS

Trapdoor Billy
October 13, 1998, 07:36 AM
Howdy HS,

Kinda depends on which CAS group you are shooting with as the rules vary a tad from group to group. NCOWS, SASS and WASA are the three I belong to, with WASA being the least restrictive. All have WEB pages. Anyway you will need 1 or 2 period revolvers, 1 shotgun, SxS or period lever or pump, and a rifle that shoots pistol
cartridges. If ya want to compete in long range side matches will need a period rifle chambered in period cartridge. This is where WASA opens up the rules a little.
Check out the three web sites, if you can not find them EMAIL me and I will send them to ya.

PS Gotta git some cowboy rags too, but you can find out about that at the sites.
Good luck and welcome aboard.

Bill Mitchell
October 15, 1998, 05:38 PM
Howdy HS,

TD Billy gave ya the basics. 1 or 2 single action pistols in a period caliber,pistol caliber lever action rifle,and a SxS or
external hammer pump or lever shotgun.
Most clubs these days require two pistols on a lot of the stages. Also,you can use a pump action rifle,like a Colt Lightning,but these are rare. The Single Action Shooting
Society,or SASS,is the main governing
body for CAS. NCOWS is a bit more
strict as to type of weapons and dress code than SASS,while WASA is a
newer organization that is a little looser
as to firearms allowed.

Adjustable sight single actions,like
the Ruger Blackhawk,compete in
the Modern catagory. Fixed site cartridge
pistols belong in the Traditional. Black powder loads only are shot in the
Frontier Cartridge catagory,while percussion C&B pistols are usually used
in the Frontier Cartridge or Frontiersman class. All of the above are per the SASS

The CAS City WWW site can answer a bunch of the questions that you will
still have even with the above info,as well
as links to the SASS,NCOWS,and WASA
WWW site. Or,just ask away here,and
we'll be happy to help you any way we can.

Bellicose Bill

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October 16, 1998, 05:49 AM
Well gol darn it, now i mite hafta goen git meself a wagon too ! Thanks you'all...HS http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/smile.gif