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November 10, 2000, 05:20 AM
I've got a 5 mo. old Chessie pup to replace my 12 year old Chessie bitch. No, replace is not the right word. Anyway, I was awakened at 5 am a couple mornings ago to the pup whining beside the bed. As soon as she realized I was awake she leaped aboard. It was just enough effort to cause her posterior region to let fly what she was whining about. She power shat about a bucket load of liquid ooze onto the bed spread beginning with the region directly atop yours truly, and working carefully about the bed for even distribution. :eek: Now this was not your run-of-the-mill, ordinary smelling -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-. She had apparently consumed the entire rumen contents of a long-dead moose, or maybe a rotting salmon - I don't know for sure but you get the point. Maybe a dozen times I nearly contributed my own stomach contents to the mess, but somehow I hung on. Now, how do you deal with a Chessie pup going off like a rocket, and an entire bedspread befouled with the most evil and vile substance this side of hell? Being stimulated into action, I just folded the entire ordeal, pup and all, into one big ball with the mess on the inside and hauled it all out the back door. Now, standing outside at 5 am in the November rain in my skivvies hosing down a bedraggled puppy and a horrid bedspread ain't my idea of fun. :mad:But I can't imagine being without my Bay dogs. Incredible what we dog owners put up with. THANK GOD my wife was filling in night shift at the hospital. When I told her about it later that morning she brayed and howled till she cried. I didn't think it was that funny.


Henry P
November 10, 2000, 07:34 AM
Field-Dressed, you'll have to teach that dog to roll in dead moose and rotting salmon and not eat it, like normal dogs do. Good luck.

November 10, 2000, 09:41 AM
Man I hate it for you. I know whats its like to have to go clean the dog in that situation. That sucks. Never have had a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- bomb dropped on me though, that really sucks.

Al Thompson
November 10, 2000, 12:05 PM
ROTFLMAO! Your wife's right - it's funny. Give it a few years, it'll be funny to you..

Mine used a cat litter box once... Smart guy..


November 11, 2000, 12:19 AM
Giz - Well its been a few days now since the horror and I think its hilarious. I've been slaying my friends (all dog owners) with my tale of woe. But the bedspread is still outside in the rain where I left it. It blew 60 knots last night, I was hoping it would disappear. :D. But its still out there :eek:. Maybe I'll just hang in there till the snow flies and deal with it in the spring. My pup made up for it today, she fetched up her first duck!

Henry P
November 11, 2000, 07:25 PM
Field-dressed, did she just fetch it on her own or did you have to train her. My friend's black lab just started retrieving the ducks on her own. Last year was the first time I've gone duck hunting and I was impressed that she just knew what to do. I remember years ago I was impressed the first time I saw a dog dive. That was a black lab too, his owner would throw rocks into the lake and the dog would dive down 5-6 feet and come up with a rock. Later found out alot of dogs do this. I havn't seen another one though. Sounds like you've got a good dog there.

Ron Ankeny
November 12, 2000, 12:24 AM

It had to hunting nerves or retrieving anxiety that caused the -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- storm. Any Chessie worth its salt can eat rotten moose cuts and not even pass gas.

I love Labs, but when I switched to the Chessie I discovered what real waterfowl dogs are all about. Chessies make Labs look like wussies.

November 12, 2000, 04:32 AM
Henry - She was already retrieving when I picked her up from the breeder at 7 weeks. This stuff is hard-wired into good hunting dog lines. It's all a matter of training these natural-borns to do what the boss bids. Chessies are well known for passion for water, in her day my ice-breakin' old bitch would submarine for divers all the time, something that you can't teach. I'd just stand back slack-jawed and watch.

Yeah Ron, you're right. I attributed the -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- storm to puppyhood. I love most all huntin' dogs but will never own anything but a Chessie or 2.

Henry P
November 12, 2000, 09:25 PM
Field-dressed, Breeding does make a difference, it breaks my heart what the show circuit crowd has done to some breeds(I know that remark will offend some, but I feel if they are honest they will admit they sacrificed too much in the way of natural instincts for the sake of looks, anyway that's just where I stand, if people want pretty dogs that's ok with me, but they have too realize that at some point it becomes a different dog). Anyway, I don't want to go too far down that road. I'm not currently in the market for a dog(we have a lab/springer mix that is just a pet). My step-son may be looking for a replacement for his golden soon(a great dog, easy going, dependable, and a good retriever). I'd like to see him get a Chessie if he does replace the Golden. I saw one in Canada that looked like he could swim across lake Erie. Do you happen to know of any good breeders in N.Y. (I love all dogs too, even the shaow dogs)

November 15, 2000, 08:26 PM
Henry - I started here looking for litters: http://www.cbrs4me.com/
I don't know of any offhand in NY but I bet there are some.