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November 12, 2000, 11:21 AM
A couple of month ago I asked for, and
received permission from Rich Lucibella to
tap into TFL as a resource for my radio

One of those programs is "The World of Ducks
Unlimited". It's a three minute daily show
heard on some 340 radio stations nationwide.

Each January I do an essay about the end of
hunting season...what the season has meant,
what it means to be a hunter, etc.

I thought this year I'd like to open that
slot to one of you.

What I'm looking for is a sixty to seventy
second "thought" piece on-"Why hunting is
important in my life." This will be heard
by several million people including non-

I will have you read the piece on the air;
(We will pre tape it the third week of this

This is not a contest. It is rather, a chance
for one of you to reach a fairly wide audience and share your feelings about why
hunting is important to you.

Perhaps the best way to handle this would be
for you to email your essay to me. I'll
select the one that best represents the topic
and contact you to record it.

If you want more information about the
program, you can find it at the Ducks
Unlimited web site.... www.ducks.org (http://www.ducks.org)
Link to "Information Flyway" then link to
radio. You'll find a list of markets and
stations where the program can be heard.

I think I'll give this about 24 hours to
gauge response.

Hope this is of interest. If it works for you,maybe we can continue it from time to