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May 11, 2005, 11:38 AM
I live in central VA and obviously go to school in Blacksburg. Ive always been a huge outdoor enthusiast and avid fisherman, but have just recently started hunting (3 years). I've grown up with pellet rifles and BB guns, but my parents were always leary about getting me anything larger b/c we don't own much land, don't have a safe place to shoot regulalry, and I have a mother is terrified of guns. Needless to say when I turned 18 I was itching to start hunting, but made sure I was well read on all topics hunting (safety, deer, turkey, etc; rifle, bow, muzzelloader; stalk, treestand, still, etc.). I do not have a tremendous amount of hunting experience, but I'm extremely competent from all my research and the 3 years I've been hunting. I'm confident enough in my ability that I've hunted the national forests around VT by myself hundreds of times with a decent amount of success. The only problem with all this Nat. Forrest hunting is that I'm pretty much limited to bow season due to the fact I'm not comfortable with the density of hunters during the firearms and muzzelloading season. Also, last year I was threatened by a groups of hunters who did not appreciate the fact that I reached their favortie hunting spot (Nat. Forest) before they did (I was clearly there first). I immeadetly left and apologized (really unnecessarily) scared sh**less and they let me go on my way with all my gear, surprisingly to me. While I love my bow hunting tremendously, I would love to get more use out of my other firearms (namely my Encore). I was wondering if anyone in these forums has a lease available in the montgomery county (blacksburg, c-burg, etc.) bedford, campbell, buchanonn, amherst, appomatox, central VA general area, or knows of a hunting club that will accept new members. I'm willing to work, pay (somewhat limited here since I'm a student), or help around in any way for hunting rights in these areas. I'm not a partier and I would never bring anyone with me unless given permission, and I'm very respectful of others property. If anyone could help me out that, would be excellent. My email address is [email protected]

May 12, 2005, 02:57 PM
Greetings to another VT person.

Shawnee Hunt Club has a group of farms they have permission to hunt on.

Several of the larger farms in the area also don't mind hunters and will sometimes give permission. Get to know some of them....they like to hang out around places like the VT Auction and Feed & Seed on North Main.

I usually hunt National Forest as well, though I generally drive father out than most from Blacksburg like to drive (other side of Newport and waay out a rural road).

That being said I also hunt my father's property out on the Eastern Shore....where the deer are VERY plentiful (the herd on/near his property is easily a couple dozen).

Hit me up sometime, I go out to the range on a regular basis.

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