View Full Version : anyone use Boaring Experiences for guides?

May 9, 2005, 08:33 AM
My hunting partner and I are useing Boaring Experiences out of Atascadero California.I saw Gen. Boddington on thier web page as a former client and was very impressed.They offer alot of extras also.We go June so will keep ya all informed hopefully with pictures.

May 9, 2005, 11:19 AM
I used them a few times, a couple of years ago. Always had a good experience.

Fat White Boy
May 19, 2005, 01:18 AM
That's a good area for wild boar. You should see plenty of pigs. I'm not sure how all the rain affected the pig population but it should be a good hunt...

June 23, 2005, 12:02 AM
well I promised a report on Boaring experince. The guide met us at the lodge 3 min early we set out and within 5 min saw our first pig mama and kids, then soon after a young 150 ish lb in the same barly field we tried to get into shooting position and he fled the area. 5 min later a real monster about 300 lb came into my view and I was taking up the rear with the guide and my buddy ahead of me and I could not shoot til they moved and he was up the hill and just like that disapeared.An hour later we tried one guy going down into this canyon checking out the brush and that got a youngun about 150lb off and running down hill into our laps and I hesitated to shoot not knowing exactly my buddy up hills position and that sucker got away and as I was looking up hill a monster came up behind me about 70 yards to my left and I turned to him rushed my shot tried to shoot off hand and saw the dirtr behind him fly.He ran up a bit I got twoo more rounds off he stumbled and went into the brush,We looked for him for a hour or so and saw no sign, the area he went into was too steep to climb up to whit out comming fast to face with a wounded pig so we had to blow it off.I will just never know and that haunts me now.But last week a client of the guide wounded a big one and it charged them the guide backing up fireing at it fell on his back and 20 feet away the pig dropped. needless to say the guide is a bit spooked. they are great people to work with will go backl again they showed us plenty of pigs we just did not make the shots count.man they are fast suckers