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November 3, 2000, 09:34 PM
So I got this deer (http://www.thefiringline.com/NonCGI/Forum5/HTML/000531.html) and I want to preserve the antlers.

Any special procedures for separating the skull bone around the antlers? My goal is a "skull cap", if you will, connecting the antlers. From there I may mount it with one of those kits . . . or maybe not.

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November 3, 2000, 09:48 PM
If you want to mount it, it is important to keep the antlers attached to the skull plate. Easiest way is to use a hack saw or recipricating saw and cut down into the eye socket at 90 degree angle from above and back of skull. You can cut it closer to the pedestal if you want, just more likely to crack the skull plate.

Very nice blacktail, you done well!


Art Eatman
November 4, 2000, 12:37 AM
I've always used a carpenter's wood saw, and made one cut at an angle from an inch or so behind the horns, under them and then out the front. You clear the eyes okay...

This gives you a flat surface to mount against the plaque.


November 4, 2000, 01:44 AM
So if I use the Art Eatman method, is it solid bone that I'm cutting through the whole way, or are there voids in there? Say the cranial vault where the brain is?

Art Eatman
November 4, 2000, 01:58 PM
Yeah, you'll cut off about 1/4 of the brain. Since I never pay much attention, I disremember if you cut a bit of ear while you're at it. Anyway, let it dry and then the skin is easily peeled off.

I usually get my plaques from WalMart.

Indoors, the antlers don't bleach out. In my family, it was customary to just nail them to the garage, or inside the garage to the rafters...They bleach out white in a year or so.


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November 5, 2000, 01:42 PM
I found some much nicer plaques at K-mart than at Wal-mart, solid oak rather than the particle-board fake wood-grain print stuff they have. Price was cheaper also.
"European mounts" which leave the skull (minus lower jaw) intact and bleached out are interesting also, and they don't need a plaque.

November 5, 2000, 09:55 PM
Eewwe . . . brain. My wife heard me sawing in the garage and said "I'll just yell through the door when dinner's ready." She knew what I was up to.

Art Eatman
November 5, 2000, 10:04 PM
Well, if you cut the horns off when you field dress the deer, or butcher him out at camp, you can have brains and eggs for brunch.

:), Art