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November 4, 2000, 07:54 PM
This year the Kansas dept. of Wildlife & Parks started a new program. Kids 16 and younger were allowed to go upland bird hunting the weekend before regular pheasant season opened.
Today my son and I joined four other kids and their dads and had a great time. Birds hadn't yet been spooked by the opening weekend crowds and we found some great spots to hunt.
Three of these kids (my son included) were hunting for the first time and to say it was a rewarding experience doesn't do it justice. While no one got their limit we didn't do bad. My boy bagged a quail and I don't think I was any prouder than when he hit his first home run.

I used to sleep at the foot of Old Glory
And awake in the dawn's early light
But much to my surprise
When I opened my eyes
I was a victim of the great compromise. -
John Prine.

Art Eatman
November 5, 2000, 12:47 AM
Good to see Officialdom work to maintain the grand old tradition of hunting. And hunting in the proximity of family members is about as good as it gets.


November 5, 2000, 12:24 PM
That's why they did it, to get the youngsters involved. They also had an early firearms deer season, one of the kids with us yesterday got a nice whitetail buck. Funny thing was a farmer who didn't know about the early season turned them in for poaching. Easy enough to explain to the sheriffs deputy that pulled them over and made for a bonus to the first hunt story!

November 17, 2002, 04:33 PM
yea that is a great thing to do (even though i was in topeka for state XC at the time ;)) haha, this weekend i participated at Cedar Bluff at a youth pheasant hunt sponsored by the hays chapter pheasants forever, and had a blast. This was my first time pheasant hunting, and i got one, which wasnt too bad considering of our group of about 20 kids, split into 3 groups, only got around 8. we were hunting on a KDWP refuge place on the north shore of the resevoir