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October 24, 2000, 02:52 PM
New Deer Device (14.4 | 28.8) -- Charlotte Renner of Maine Public Radio reports on a high tech lure designed to catch
the attention of deer. The lure is called The Phantom Whitetail, and costs about two hundred-fifty dollars. The
remote-control-sized device is attached to two camouflaged speakers and can produce a variety of sounds, including
social grunts, rattling antlers, and a distress call from a fawn. (3:07)

real audio: http://www.npr.org/ramfiles/me/20001024.me.05.rmm

October 24, 2000, 02:54 PM

It's Revolutionary. Developed for hunters by hunters, The Phantom is the
world's only digital Whitetail Deer call. The Phantom's groundbreaking design
features both movement sounds and vocalizations-playing up to two sounds
simultaneously-creating an incredibly realistic soundscape proven to attract
Whitetail Deer. Great for bow or rifle hunters.

It's Lightweight. No more hauling around multiple calls and rattling antlers.
The entire system weighs under 28 ounces and is easier to use than your TV

It's Safer. Separate speaker means you can distance yourself up to 60' away
from the center of sound to ensure you remain undetected from your ground
blind or tree stand. (Additional wire available.)
Six Whitetail Movement Sounds: Ground Scrape • Buck Battle • Social
Sparring • Forage Paw • Deer Step • Antler Tree Rub

Six Whitetail Vocalizations: Snort/Wheeze • Dominant Grunt • Social
Grunt Tending Grunt • Estrus Bleat • Fawn Distress

Rugged, all-weather ABS construction. Full volume control. Battery-operated (9v) with
automatic shut-off.

Keith Rogan
October 24, 2000, 05:01 PM
What ever happened to just sneaking up on a deer and shooting it?

October 24, 2000, 06:08 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Keith Rogan:
What ever happened to just sneaking up on a deer and shooting it?


Amen. Tell 'em how it is keith :D I refuse to fall into this trendy wave of hunting. Designer camo, scent-lok suits, soap, lotion, shampoo, and a$$-wipe. Moving decoys, stereo speakers, red fox urine, doe in heat urine, fawn distres call, blah, blah, blah.
I wear whatever is warm, and hunt into the wind. (and uphill when possible.) For $250. I'd rather just buy another gun :D

Then again, I didn't get one this year :)

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Art Eatman
October 24, 2000, 07:46 PM
Aw, c'mon, Keith. Ya ain't "kewl" if ya ain't got the proper gear! Lessee: Audio system. Laser range finder, so you'll know if you're 50' or 60 feet from the speaker. Can of deer corn. 9" blade knife. 4" blade knife. Deer-hoist pulley system. Cross-country "Wheel-barrow" to haul him home. Rifle. Ammo. Spare ammo. Spare magazine for spare ammo for rifle. Camo-cloth screen. Doe scent. Munchies--of the proper high-energy sort--walking 200 yards to your "hide" is tiring. Canteen. Thermos. Binoculars.

There! All set! "Here, Bambi, Bambi..." ")

Uh-oh. Left the toilet paper in the truck! :(

Damfino. I'd rather kick ol' Bucky out of bed, and if he's worth keepin', collect his little self.

:), Art

October 24, 2000, 08:36 PM
check out this page: http://www.phantomcalls.com/gifs/call.html
you can listen to the calls!

i will bet your computer has never bleated like a doe in heat!


October 27, 2000, 02:46 PM
Frequently it seems that the same folks who utilize the high tech approach to hunting are the ones who holler when someone talks about putting out bait, shooting deer from your porch,using dogs, or canned hunts or all of the other myriad "old fashioned" "unethical" deer shooting methods.

October 27, 2000, 04:02 PM
Using bait, and dogs, is about as old fashion as it gets.