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May 3, 2005, 05:04 PM
I'll try to make this quick, but I've had the problem for a while. I want to get a new rifle. I have an old remy adl 7 mag I use just for Mn. whitetail. I've had it for over 20 years, it's staying. I am looking to get another rifle for out west. Most years pronghorn, some years mulies and a couple years elk. I will go to Ak and chase caribou a couple times as well. I also have a tikka t-3 ss/syn in 7 mag and a t-3 hunter in 270. The 270 will soon be used by my kids. The issue is I just spent the big $ and got a leica brf 10X42 and hope they last the rest of my years. Now I want to get a rifle to do the same for the formentioned hunts. Maybe my t-3 7mag is that gun, but I am willing to trade up and spend another $1000 or so if I can get one gun to answer my needs. It will be a 7 mag. But do I get a ss/syn or wood. Last year I was in Ak on a river in rain for half my hunt. I sure like the look of wood but can I count on it on the bad weather days? My old remy wood adl has been through a lot but always shot well. Do I need a syn for bad weather? I like the sako/ remy style safteys so I will stay away from winchesters and kimbers. For $1500 or less what would you get for my fix. I've gone mental thinking about it. Just looking for some free advise. I'm ready to focus on mainly one rifle , what should it be, thanks for your input!