View Full Version : Screw-in chokes for Stoeger double barrel shotguns.

April 26, 2005, 06:38 AM
I am considering buying a Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme (12 gauge, 20 inch barrel, polished nickel finish), and I have a question about the screw-in chokes. It says that it comes with Improved Cylinder and Modified chokes and a wrench, but it is unclear if both barrels can be "choked" to the same deminision (both Modified or both Improved Cylinder). Also, does that mean that the barrels are actually a Cylinder bore if not choked? Or, will one barrel always be choked to a Modified deminsion and the other at an Improved Cylinder deminsion? Lastly, I have read several comments on this forum about shooting slugs through a screw-in choked shotgun, and that it is NOT a good idea. Does that include shooting slugs through a smooth bore, Improved Cylinder screw-in choked gun? It would seem that shooting slugs through an Improved Cylinder screw-in choke would work OK without causing both the slug and the choke to go down range. Please advise. Thank you. Dave :confused:

April 26, 2005, 07:52 AM
NEVER fire a shotgun without chokes, it would damage the threads. You can fire slugs through the choke but use more open chokes like IC.You can choke the barrels anyway you like but typically for bird shooting the first shot uses a more open choke [the bird is closer] and a tighter choke for the second shot when the bird is farther away.Chokes in general, come in C,IC, M, F,Extra F [turkey choke]

Dave McC
April 26, 2005, 09:19 AM
Shooting slugs through tight screw chokes or tight chokes in general is not a good idea. Few shotguns shoot their best thusly. With some, damage to the shotgun or shooter may result.

Modified seems to be about where accuracy falls off. Some slugs in some shotguns shoot best with no choke, while others do best with up to 20 POC, a true Modifed.

Few doubles will shoot any slugs from both barrels to the same place. Many will shoot good groups from one or both barrels, but the groups go to different zip codes.

IMO, the Stoegers are a good gun for the money. But, if slug use is your overriding concern, you may be better off with a repeater. If you're looking for a do all double, the Stoeger is a good choice at the economical end of the spectrum. Test slugs in both barrels until you find the best combination and stick to it.

Besides IC and Mod, I'd get two more choke tubes. A straight Cylinder for close shots and a Improved Modified or Full for WOD shots. Carlson's among others offers tube chokes for these....

April 26, 2005, 12:03 PM
I got one years ago I think I fired it about twice and have never fired it since.Let me say the price is cheap and you get what you pay for :barf: