View Full Version : Picked up an old Mossberg 100 .22 at the gun show this weekend

April 25, 2005, 08:10 AM
for $85 - it's the one with the tube mag inside the stock, not a detachable mag, and it's got the plain sights, not the target model with the fold-down pistol grip and micrometer rear peep that I've seen elsewhere. Anyone else got one? Questions:

1. If something breaks, am I going to be SOL on replacement parts?

2. On the other 100 model (not the one I got), with the nice click micrometer rear peep doohickey.... it's threaded for inserting smaller apertures, but I directly compared one to the peep of a Williams sight, and it appears that the Williams hole size is just a scrunthair bigger than the Mossy 100 - so I'm guessing the Mossy is not the "standardized" one of the Williams? So therefore difficult to find replacement apertures?