View Full Version : Savage 99 + .410 barrel

April 24, 2005, 11:09 PM
I have a Savage model 99 takedown, in 30-30, made in 1920. It was my grandfather's and has seen heavy use in the woods of Maine. I know the barrel and butt stock have been replaced due to wear. It has the shotgun butt plate but I'm not sure which exact model it is. It also has a cartridge counter and straight stock. My main difficulty is with the additional .410 barrel. It has a screw that looks like it should anchor in the fore stock but it doesn't look right. I could be missing a part. Does anyone have any info that might help?

Mike Irwin
April 24, 2005, 11:33 PM
It's probably either a 99F, which had the straight stock, as opposed to the 99G, which had the delux stock with a pistol grip. It could be part of a cased set, but Savage apparently didn't sell many of the cased sets.

The serial number will probably be between 200,000 and 398,000 or so.

I've not seen one of these in a couple of years, but IIRC you would screw the .410 barrel into the frame, put the forearm in place, and then use the sliding screw bolt under the .410 barrel to clamp the forearm into place.

Remember, these barrels are chambered for 2 and 1/2" shells ONLY. Use of 3" shells could damage the gun.

Also, I'd advise not swapping barrels all that often. It can be hard on the barrel/receiver threads, and once they become wobbly due to wear there's no easy way to take up the slack.