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April 21, 2005, 08:53 PM
Hello all,
I am trying to purchase a rifle for my 10yr old daughter. What caliber would you suggest. The 243 vs 25-06? I am going to take her hog hunting in the fall in Texas. Any pros or cons would be greatly appreciated. Also how are any of these new Calibers vs these, such as the 218bee or the 204. Will they have more of a kick or less? Will they have enough power to take down a good size boar? Let me know fellows my Dad never hunted and all I know is from the miltary and what I can read about. Thanks to all!

April 21, 2005, 08:58 PM
The 243win round will be more than enough. I believe Ruger has a M77 compact with a 16in barrel chambered for that round. If you don't mind autos, the Ruger Mini-30 chambered for the 7.62X39mm will get the job done too.

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April 21, 2005, 09:09 PM
My best advie to you is to find a rifle that fits her size and then choose a caliber. Is this her first rifle? Has she ever shot before? Is she small for a 10 year old? These things must be considered.

If she is new to shooting I would be wary of taking her to hunt boar. They are very mean creatures, and tend to get highly upset when shot. If they are not killed they are dangerous. If she will be in a stand (with you there with her, or as close as possible), or if she is familiar with her weapon, then that might be OK. Always be careful, but with boars you need to be real careful.

A good beginner center-fire rifle is the lever action. You can get them in .44 mag (which is a good boar round) or go with the good old .30-30. They are light, reliable, and easy to shoot. This is my personal opinion, but the .243 and .25-06 is too light for boar. Deer, yes - boar, no. Don't even think about the .218 Bee.

Some may say they have taken boar with the smaller calibers, but my opinion is that even expert shots should have enough gun to quickly and humanely take the animal being hunted. I have never hunted medium-size game (or larger) with anything smaller than a .30 caliber. Again, this is my opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

Most important of all - let her progress at her own pace and nurture her love for shooting.

April 21, 2005, 09:44 PM
After my son got comfortable with his .22,(10 years old) the following year I got him a tikka t-3 ss/syn in 7mm-08. It is a great, light recoiling caliber and the gun is very easy for him to shoot. At first I got him a remy youth model 7 but after looking at the tikka I traded the remy in. Make sure you look at a tikka before you buy, it is by far the most for the money and a kid-friendly.My son now is soon to be 12 and in hunters saftey, hoping he gets to go after Mn. whitetails this fall. Good luck!

April 22, 2005, 08:27 AM
This will be her first rifle. The Boar hunting is done from a treestand with myself there with her. There is also Ram there wich maybe a better choice. Does the 7mm-08 have a stronger kick than the .243 or 25-06? It sounds like a good caliber. Thanks for all the replies.

April 22, 2005, 08:50 AM
Well, this may just be me, but 10 yrs old seem awfully young to get a kid going on a full-powered centerfire rifle like a .243 or up. I'd definitely, definitely have her shoot first on many occasions with a .22lr rifle first, then maybe when she's about 12, move up to a .22 hornet or .223 perhaps; maybe even a .30-30 or 7.62x39. Then at 13 or 14, get her started on a full-powered rifle like a .243. Otherwise, she may get shocked/scared from what would be from her perspective a very violent recoil and muzzle blast at 10, and get turned off of firearms for life. But that of course depends on her general temperament and boldness, so YMMV, but that's my general opinion. At that age, I'd let your go along with you, with good hearing protection, and let her see you shoot the animals. Maybe, MAYBE if she is very mature and bold with respect to noise and recoil, or if she's shot quite a few rifles before, then a 7.62x39 or .30-30 win. The tree stand will protect her from the hogs, so that's good. Yes, the 7mm-08 and the .25-06 will have roughly the same recoil, and yes, it will be significanly more than the .243.

PS. 218 bee is a very old round; roughly like a .22 hornet; much much much less recoil than a full powered gun like a .243 or up. .204 ruger is new, very expensive to feed, and will also have much less recoil than a full-powered gun. These are all varmint/small game rounds, not medium/large game hunting rounds. I believe the progression should go: air rifle, .22lr, then low to intermediate powered gun, from .22 hornet to .44 mag, to .223, 7.62x39, or .30-30 win, then a full-powered rifle. In that respect, I do believe a .243 win is the perfect young teen's first "full-powered" rifle.

April 22, 2005, 08:52 AM
Thanks for the advise, I will take that into consideration.

April 22, 2005, 08:54 AM
From what I understand, a .243 kicks less than a 30-30. You know, CZ makes a bolt-action 7.62x39. That would be the real trick, I would think. Even so, I bought my son a .243 for his first high-powered rifle.


April 22, 2005, 09:20 AM
I bought a HOWA .243 last year for my son, he was 13. He loves it. He took his first deer with it last season. :D
The recoil isn't bad and about the only game I wouldn't let him shoot with it would be a moose or an elk. I wouldn't even hesitate to let him shoot a pig with it.

April 22, 2005, 09:44 AM
My friends petite wife has a .243 and has taken a number of deer with it. It shoots great.

I 'think' remingtons 700 ADL synthetic Youth model comes in .243 and 7mm-08 (as well as .308). Worth a look.

April 25, 2005, 04:46 PM
243 enough said. This round is perfect for a youth. Also I recommend a NEF single shot rifle as a first rifle. The NEF is fairly priced, can be gotting in youth models,and a scope can be added. As a side note later the barrels could be exchanged for different calibers.
(NEF has a youth package that you could get a 243 and a 410 shotgun together, both barrels come with the weapon)