April 18, 2005, 11:37 PM
I Am In Need Of Info On My Shotgun Ser.# 54728. I Have Visited Lots Of Web-sites And Gun Shows Trying To Find Some Info On This Gun For Personal Reasons. I Am Not Interested In Selling Unless It Is Something Really Special. Are There Any Real Experts Out There.

April 19, 2005, 12:33 AM
W&C Scott of Birmingham, England, was founded in 1840. In 1858 the name was changed to W&C Scott & Son. In 1897 the company merged with Philip Webley & Son to form Webley & Scott Revolver & Arms Company, which became Webley & Scott in 1906. In 1973 Webley & Scott was purchased by a British conglomerate which, in 1979, converted all of its resources to the production of air rifles and pistols.

W&C Scott (Gunmakers) re-emerged in 1980 when, according to author Michael McIntosh in his book, Best Guns, "Twenty-six craftsmen, most of whom had worked in the shotgun division of Webley & Scott, were installed in a new factory, named Premier Works, on Tame Road in Witton, and in the first year they completed more than a hundred guns under the old Scott name."

Holland & Holland purchased W&C Scott (Gunmakers) in 1985, and according to McIntosh, "Scott is still the largest barrel-maker in the United Kingdom and continues to export barreled actions to other countries."

All of the Scott shotguns are of extremely high quality, and as alluded to in the title of McIntosh's book, may truly be regarded as "Best Guns."

As for the value of your particular gun, it will be predicated upon a number of factors including its design: boxlock v. sidelock (sidelock guns are more expensive because of the additional amount of hand work required in their manufacture); its grade; barrel length; its overall condition; and whether it is complete, i.e., does the it include the maker's fitted case, all accessories, and documentation.

Once you know these factors, a good place to start in placing a value on the gun might be the Blue Book of Gun Values. You might also inquire of some of the New York "best gun" dealers who can provide appraisals for a fee, e.g., Griffin & Howe: (908) 766-2287 or Holland & Holland: (212) 752-7755.

Hope this helps.

Good luck, and good shooting!

Sir William
April 19, 2005, 01:16 AM
www.rooseveltdrake.com and www.dixiegunworks.com These are two sites that might have information. I suggest you hold on to the shotgun. It is better than a money market account.