View Full Version : Adjusting The Internal Mag On A Savage 110

April 17, 2005, 08:19 PM
I am converting a clip fed Savage 110 to an internal blind magazine so I can use an aftermarket Stockade synthetic stock. I bought the mag parts from savageparts.com and I finally got a chance to install the box mag on the rifle today. When I put the box mag on I noticed the very top most part of the mag lips lightly touch the bolt as it is cycled. Due to the inherent amount of play of the bolt in the rails it does not seem to affect bolt operation or smoothness.

My questions are;
Is this correct?
Will it cause me grief later on?

I do not seem to remember the mag lips contacting the bolt when it was a clip fed rifle. I checked the installation and the tabs are well seated in the action grooves. I don't have my stock yet so I put the follower and spring in the mag and taped it so I could check function and feeding. A dummy 270 round fed right into the chamber and everything seems to work well.
The obvious answer would seem to be to file down the mag lips until the are no longer in contact.