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April 13, 2005, 09:59 AM
So I got to take my first trip hunting turkey this past week. My father, me and a friend went to Black Kettle Oklahoma wildlife areas the day before opening day. We saw about 150 turkeys the first day and got to put some to roost in some trees not too far from our camp. One was a really large Tom. The next morning we crept up and set up the decoys and found some trees to sit at about 50 yards from the birds. When morning came about 7am a large hen flew out of one tree and landed not but 5 yards from me! She stood there looking at me while my heart raced. I was as still as I could be and she eventually forgot about me and when to clucking. While I was watching here BOOOOOOOM the sound of my friends 10 gauge rang. The birds flew off. We went over and he had killed the big tom. It had a 10 3/4 beard. We were talking about the nice kill when we heard some hen yelping not too far away. I quickly sat down at another tree near the middle of the meadow and my dad went to work on the box call. Within 5 minutes tops a hen and a jake came running to the call. I waited till the jake was behind a tree and pulled up my 1974 Citori that my grandfather had given me. The hen saw me and took off running but the jake did not as he was behind the tree. He stepped out from behind the tree and my bead was right at the base of his neck. 2 seconds later a 15 pound bird was on the ground with my dad whooping in the background. Ok so the beard was only 4 inches and it was a jake, but by golly it was a blast! The next day around 2 in the afternoon my dad got a heavy tom that had a 9 inch beard.

The next night I missed a BIG tom (shot too soon...he was too far), but I had so much fun. I'm taking my step father turkey hunting this weekend! Here are some pics of my dad, me and his our friend, and one pic I took in the woods... (my dad is the one with the beard...)




April 13, 2005, 10:30 AM

Congrats. You are hooked for life now. I've been hunting them for over 25 years now. It is a blast.

April 19, 2005, 08:43 PM
Fine job, Luthier - see also my first turk hunt, also in OK: