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April 12, 2005, 10:16 PM
Picked up my new used 870 today.

It's a January 1979 2 3/4" Wingmaster from the Sacramento Police Department. Guts are very clean. Finish is worn from handling and the barrel has a nick or two near the muzzle, but not the crown. A quick hit with some sand paper removed the high spots.

Came with brand new Remington synthetic hardware. I popped on a Wilson 1 round extension and a CQB sling. Most likely going to change to a Surefire Picatinny rail and a La Rue LED light. Also going to change the front bead out to a large white/ivory one. The current bead is a bit mashed. Not going to add a side saddle. The light will add all the weight I want. I'm defending my house and property, not the Mexican border.

Function is great. Going to test fire this weekend to see how it prints.

Not the deal of the century, but I'm happy. LEO trade ins in California are pretty rare. Just something ironic and appealing to buying a shotgun from the police department of the city housing our pathetic state government that seems to do its damndest to remove all firearms from our state.

Parkerizing has gone a bit funky. Matte grey in unexposed areas, but a green/brownish tint on exposed and handled surfaces. Odd. :confused:


April 13, 2005, 10:27 AM
very similar to the one i got a few months ago. 2 3/4" wingmaster, mine has wood though. mine came with a +3 extension and side saddle, which i removed. at least i have them if i decide to use them.

looks like a fine weapon.

love those 870's, especially the 'beat up' ones!

April 13, 2005, 10:35 AM
Nice. My favorite 870 here at casa del 9mm is my police/trainer trade-in. As a trainer gun it was a lot worse for wear (even the hammer was peened badly) than most other trade-ins but it is just so cool.
A new trigger group and a tune-up from ARS and it's as good as new-ish.
My next favorite is a '55 WM that is well-worn, like yours, on the outside but clean on the inside.
The old guns just have character.
Good luck,