View Full Version : Guess what I got, guess what I got

April 10, 2005, 03:10 PM
Okay, enough of the childhood mantra's.

Received my first, official, subscription copy of SWAT.

I will agree with the Marshall Service thread on the layout as well as the article, it was indeed fascinating.

Yet, I must admit that the article that "jumped out" to me was by Jeff Gonzales, "Artificial Stress".

When in the military and qualifing with the M-16 and the M-9, during the "sight in" sessions I, as well as others, could hit bulls and x's all day long. Yet, with the presense of the timer, most of us could barely qualify. Not thinking of our shooting but only on the timer. We tried to "speed up" our shots instead of working at our normal speed.

I must say that I am finding Mr. Gonzales as one of my favorite writers for the magazine. I wish to send out my kudo's to him and to keep up the good work.


*and thanks Rich/Denny for talking me into getting the magazine. It is all that you promised and Denny's money is well safe in his pocket as far as I am concerned.