View Full Version : Scattergun Tech vs. Vang Comp

April 3, 2005, 11:04 PM
At this time, Vang has some Tactical shotguns built and ready to ship. Their shotgun has no SureFire fore end, but it does have the Vang choke system. Of course, the Scattergun Tech has no Vang choke, and is cylinder bore. I've ordered the Scattergun Tech, and have no regrets, but may very well have considered the Vang 870P if I'd known they had some built and ready to ship. Then I would have gone to Scattergun for the Tactical SureFire fore end.

Anyway, the Wilson/Scattergun Tech. will have the SureFire, and now I'll be going to Vang to have them do my barrel. I like their guarantee of all 9- 00 buck going into 9" at 30 yds (or was it 40!). :D

Vang uses the 870P and Scattergun uses the 870 Express. Anybody know what the difference is?

Also, the Express comes with the ISS (integrated safety system), the 870P does not. What is this system?

One last thing: Are there any disadvantages to the ported Vang, and will the reduced recoil be offset by extra muzzle blast?

I've asked enough questions for now, and I'd appreciate opinions from some you knowledgeable folks out there who may have some experience with the aforementioned---Thanks, Nolan ;)

April 3, 2005, 11:58 PM
If you want a Surefire fore end from Vang, all you gotta do is ask him for it. I bought two from him. They were about as cheap as anywhere else I looked for one.