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February 20, 2000, 09:05 PM
This only seems to work out once a year or so, and last night was one of those. It's when the moon is full plus or minus a couple of days, we have a fresh snow cover, and the skies are clear. It was crystal last night.

I've got a place about 1/4 mile from my house out in the middle of a pasture overlooking 400+ yards of open ground. I slipped out there about midnight with my coyote call and .270. After only about 3 minutes of calling I had 2 racing in to get that bunny first. I love it when you get 2 coming at once, they lose all instincts it seems. I was able to see them perfectly through my Leupold. They came to within about 40 yards, and still coming hard when the first met up with a 130gr. psp. The other turned tail and never stopped till he hit the timber.

I was able to pull this off once last winter also. If you ever get the chance even if your not hunting this is a real rush. I'd check on the legalities first though.

bullet placement is gun control

February 20, 2000, 11:30 PM
years ago, out in the middle of Nebraska, my cousin and I tried the same thing hunkered down in a frozen irrigation ditch with a bed sheet.
I'll never forget that dog running right over my cousin while we both got tangled up in the white sheet. Lucky we didn't shoot ourselves- didn't shoot the coyote either but what a rush!!

Art Eatman
February 21, 2000, 03:35 PM

Bud Helms
February 21, 2000, 08:45 PM
Coyotes are making a strong comeback here east of the Mississippi. 'See 'em out in the median on I-75, driving down a back country GA two-lane, from the deer stand. Everywhere.

One ran between my and the neighbor's yard late last summer, just at dusk. 'Scared the bejesus outta me! 'Been watching the house critters a little closer ever since.

No picture post cards scenes like Muleshoes' though. :cool: