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April 2, 2005, 10:50 AM
Hey yall. I have narrowed my choices of shotguns btw. the Winchester Defender and the Remmy 870 HD. Anyway, I was kinda leaning toward the 870, it being heavier, and thus wouldnt recoil as much as the 6.5 pound Defender. I was wanting to ask how much recoil do yall get from a 12 gauge Defender, with say buckshot and slugs? I sure wish that the Defender had wood stocks tho, btw. could you get a wood stock/forend and put it on a current model Defender? I would really appreciate any replies on this, God Bless!

April 2, 2005, 02:12 PM
Of course a lighter gun will recoil more.
On the other hand, everyone "feels" recoil differently.

I know one HUGE bruiser who almost cries when shooting slugs, and another skinny bean-pole who thinks shooting a 460 Weatherby Magnum rifle is fun.

Wood stocks and forearms are available for the Model 1300.

Other CHEAP methods of reducing felt recoil are to buy the new "Reduced Recoil" slugs and buckshot loads now being made by most of the cartridge companies.
The shells are as effective at closer ranges, but reduce felt recoil a good bit.

Another easy fix is to buy one of the new type recoil pads being made by Limbsaver, Hogue, and Pachmayr.

These pads are made of a special elastomeric material that reduce felt recoil by over 30%.

Although there are other, MUCH more expensive recoil-reducing stocks and options, these new shells and pads will allow most anyone to shoot slugs and buck without getting hurt.

April 2, 2005, 03:09 PM
i have a 1300 and if i had to do it again would go with the 870 based soley on the butter smooth action it has. for me 12 ga. is punishing in the 2 3/4 buckshot and slug.

April 2, 2005, 11:08 PM
I have both the 870 and the defender. If I was going to carry much or do three gun with a pump, I would take the defender.

I prefer a 20 " barrel over a 18"

My 1300 is the FN police version....when lubed properly, it is buttery smooth.

My Fn version comes with choke tubes, adjustable iron sights, the receiver is drilled and tapped for a mount and I like like the phosphate finish..(sort of green).

If I had to choose between the FN version and the 870, I would definitely take the FN.. I like the features much better. I got mine from a local dealer, but I think CDNN has some right now in the FN version.



April 3, 2005, 08:51 AM
Having fire both I could not tell the difference between the two. I currently cary the Defender, I just like it better. Also you asked about wood stocks for the Winchester, I know one Deputy that has woodern stocks on his, they came on the weapon. Just look around you should be able to find some.