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January 31, 2000, 07:27 PM
Last fall I had some very enjoyable and successful hunts with my bow and arrow. I posted a couple of pictures here and I received some nice compliments and congratulatory remarks. A nice break from the flames I got in the “my Kimber is busted” thread. I also posted a picture of the neighbor’s kid with my Brook Trout mount.

I got the deer back from the taxidermist and it looks nice. He is working on the antelope now and the cape is fantastic. My taxidermist tells me the cape is in the top two or three he has ever seen. It most certainly is the nicest antelope cape I have seen and I have harvested 30 mature buck antelope in Wyoming and seen countless others. I have shot a dozen larger antelope with a rifle, but an animal like this with a bow is truly a first class trophy.

Today I got the paperwork back from Safari Club International. The pronghorn and mule deer both went Gold Medal. The antelope is number 29 in the record book and the mule deer is number 14. It gets better. Even though the paperwork isn’t processed on the fish, it looks like it will be a line class World Record. By the way, the antelope and deer were both taken less than 60 minutes from where I live and the fish was caught only three hours from here. Now you know why I stay in this desolate place. Don’t even think of moving here. You would hate it. 

Anyhow, just thought I would share my exuberance. It is kind of nice to see all of the countless hours of practice pay off in the field. Good luck to all of you and I hope your experiences are as memorable for you as mine have been for me.

January 31, 2000, 08:04 PM
Congrats on what sounds like a great year hunting. I've already filled out my application for this year, so hope luck is on my side. I've hunted WY several times, though it is getting harder to draw the good areas. My brother is a teacher in Rawlins and he took a huge buck north of Rawlins (Unit 61) from a windmill a few years back. Scored mid 80's if I recall correctly.

Have never had much luck with decoying/stalking, and ususally end up back in the blind. I'm just the opposite of Chuck Adams, who can't sit still long enough!

Good luck in the future and may your arrows fly true.

Art Eatman
January 31, 2000, 10:05 PM
Sounds Great! Keep on keepin' on!

:), Art

February 1, 2000, 01:37 PM
Wyoming can be a challenging place to hunt.. strange and rapid weather changes, high winds, rain, hail, snow, gropple,for, freezing sleet, high heat.. have seen them ALL hunting antelope in Wyoming.

Congrats on the trophies.