View Full Version : Prairrie Dogs

January 30, 2000, 12:21 AM
We are in OHIO and would like to find some
place near (8-10hrs) to hunt prairrie dogs.
I tried it in Montana and had a grate time.
This trip I want to take my wife and kids.
My two ten year olds think this would be
fun. So if you have anny suggestions we
would like to hear from you.

Thanks Bill

Art Eatman
January 30, 2000, 03:16 PM
Don't have an atlas in front of me, but ten hours on an Interstate oughta mean 500 miles; travelling with kids is a slower average. :) Does that get you into the Dakotas?

I know there are some varmint hunter web sites, so a search there might be more helpful...If you have any luck, report back with links?

Regards, Art