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March 30, 2005, 08:39 PM
I have a Sub Machine gun that I have had since Nov.13, 1980 (the date on my form 4) Military Armament Corp Mac 10 9mm. The supressor, also says Military Armament Corporation dated Dec. 30 also on form 4. I have three 32 round mags, canvas case, canvas supressor cover. The gun has been sitting in my closet for the last 15 years. I keep it oiled and in great shape. Haven't shot it but maybe one or two magazines a year just to show someone. The first couple of years after I got it I remember ordering a 1000 rounds the first time and another 1000 rounds which I still have about half. Now...how do I sell it? Kenny

March 30, 2005, 08:48 PM
You could probably sell it yourself online but you'll need a ClassIII dealer to handle the whole transaction. Shaggy can help you more since ClassIII is his thing ;)

March 30, 2005, 09:06 PM
Kenny -

First step in selling is to email me and let me know how much you want. :D

On your form 4, it is a MAC-10's made in Powder Springs? The PS guns are some of the most desirable MACs, though the ones in 9mm get a bit less than the ones in .45 since the double feed position 9mm mags they take are a bit hard to find (same mags as a Walther MPK/MPL I believe). Still altogether the package you have should be worth about $3000 give or take a couple hundred. The suppressor, while original, isn't the latest technology and probably has rubber or neoprene wipes. Most cans today use steel baffles that do not need to be repacked after a few rounds.

To sell the gun...

If you buyer is a resident of your state, you can sell it directly to him on a form 4. Have the buyer complete a form 4 (in duplicate), complete with two fingerprint cards, the CLEO signoff, and one copy of the new US Citizenship certification form. He'll also have to pay one $200 transfer tax to get it. Go to www.titleii.com for new versions of the form 4 and the US citizenship form. You'll have to get fingerprint cards from the NFA Branch of BATFE though (call 202-927-8330). Once you receiver a copy of the approved form 4 back in the mail from BATF, the buyer can come pick up the gun.

If the buyer is a resident of another state, its basically the same process, but it has to transfer to a dealer in the buyers state first. The dealer will do a form 4, but since he's a dealer, he won't need fingerprint cards or the CLEO signoff. Once the gun is approved to transfer to the out of state dealer (you'll get one copy of the approved F4 in the mail) you can send it to him. The buyer will then have to do another form 4 (along with paying another transfer tax) in that state to get it from the dealer.