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March 29, 2005, 10:47 PM
Ok,here's the drill. I have decided to add a shottie to my list of must haves. I am trying to decide on a good pump. So far, I have liked the look and feel of the Remington 870 12ga in the marincoate finish, and the Mossberg mariner, with their marinecoate finish. I am open to suggestions. Would consider a good semi-auto as well. Round capacity isn't really an issue, will primarily be an HD gun. Would like the option of readily available aftermarket pistol grips, heat shields, optics and the like. Keep it under or around $500, if possible. All info welcome. Thanks.

March 30, 2005, 12:02 AM
The Remington 870 and Winchester 1300 are both great pumps in my experience. I have also heard good things about the Mossberg 500. All these have HD/Police versions, and have a number of compatible toys to add on (870 has the most). And these should be in the $250-$350 range (I bought my 1300 for $200 on sale). Properly cared for, any of them should last a lifetime. For HD, either 12 or 20 ga is fine.

Dave McC
March 30, 2005, 09:17 AM
Once again....

Practically any reliable repeating shotgun will work well for HD/CD. The 870 has the most aftermarket bling, but a bone stock 870 right out of the box is an awesome weapon for CQ.

Pistol grips without a real stock are egregious in the real world. A PG on a full stock is not better, it hinders fast safety manipulation on some models and means no butt strokes if things are very hinky and close.

Heat shields? More Hollywierd stuff. The things can also shift while firing and block cycling on a pump.

Optics? Just how big is your house?

Take a box stock 870, 500/590, 37 or 1300. BA/UU/R until your weapon's smooth as old whiskey. Take note that you've become deadly in the process without the bells, whistles, fender skirts and fuzzy dice. At that point, decide if you really want addons and bling.....

March 30, 2005, 10:15 AM
"Show-my-ignorance" time. BA/UU/R? :confused:

Dave McC
March 30, 2005, 12:05 PM
Sorry, 02. Buy Ammo, Use Up, Repeat. Our Mantra.

The only silly questions are those that do not get asked....

March 30, 2005, 04:11 PM
I agree with Dave on all counts.

I suggest try before you buy to see which gun FITS YOU. Good shooters have more money invested in training, which includes BA/UU/R , than they do the gun and any equipment .

March 30, 2005, 04:38 PM

I got one of these. It is in great shape. 90% on the finish. I got 2 and he gave me a good deal. This thing is a rock solid platform for a HD shot gun. It was used so it is already silky smooth. The Police model is heavier and has a shorter pull. Much higher quality fit and finish then the current 870 express.

I agree 100% with Dave McC. A good HD shotgun only needs to be a good reliable pump gun with an 18" or 20" barrel.


March 30, 2005, 08:06 PM
Under $500 huh? Mossberg 590 is all I can say. The 590 blows away the 500 and rem 870.

8 in the tube, 1 in the pipe, one extremely tough weapon.

Dave McC
March 31, 2005, 03:09 PM
Wraith, "Blows away the 500 and rem 870"....

Do you ever get down to MD?.....

March 31, 2005, 04:13 PM

April 4, 2005, 08:17 AM
just don't call it a SHOTTIE, kinda like gangster talk, or maybe
makes it sound like a small poodle like creature. In any case
whatever you buy it won't like you if you call it a SHOTTIE. :barf:

April 12, 2005, 02:43 PM
It is a damn shottie. End of Post. :p

Death from Afar
April 12, 2005, 02:51 PM
Pistol grip only shotguns have very limited use. As has been noted, they are rather hard to manipulate and being able to use the butt is useful in some situations.

I am very much in the 870 Camp. They are simply a superb gun, and being able to change barrels etc makes them very versitile- I have a barrel for sporting clays, one for rabbits, and one for pig shooting with buckshot. All good.