View Full Version : Great Sunrise......Nice Morning Duck Hunting

Will Fennell
January 8, 2000, 11:11 AM
Sometimes I need to put up all these serious rifles and killer pistols, and watch a nice sunrise and go duck hunting.

My father, a friend and I went this morning. We just got in, and now I gotta clean ducks. We got 11 fat mallards[ a great morning in our part of the world] and wathced a magnificant sunrise to boot! Dad has been in the hospital earlier this week[herna{sp} operation], so it was good for him to get outside. He looked in much better spirits for it! We shot pretty well, but did miss a few, and gave each other hell about it ;)

Lessons [re]learned, steel shot sucks[gotta be real close], and BISMUTH is GREAT! Almost as good as the good ol' days with lead. Expensive, but worth the cost$$$$.

Next Saturday is the last day, but Dad and I gotta go to SHOTSHOW, so we will let our friend go to our 'hole', and take a buddy. Maybe they will have as great a morning as we did today.

Stay Sharp!