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March 28, 2005, 08:57 PM
This may have belonged in reloading but does concern shotgunners, anyone that has bought 410 shells knows how expensive they are,even the empties are crazy, so I got this idea from my cousin,using 444 marlin casings for 410 shells,you cant wear them out.First you prime the case, I use large rifle primers,and put the correct amount of powder for a 410, I like 12.3 gr. accurate #9,then I put a paper wad over the powder cut from non-corregated cardboard, like from an empty shotshell box,or heavy paper plates,for a wad punch use an empty 44 mag case and drill the primer hole out so you can insert a rod or something to push the wads out after you have 5 or so.Better yet is a 7/16 hole punch used for belting.I use two dowels for inserting wads,each is cut to 5 or so inches and I bought some unfinished wooden dresser knobs for handles on them.the largest dowel just fits in the 444 case and is used to press in the paper wads.Next I press in a 410 shot cup with the smaller dowel,fill with shot,place another paper wad over the shot and press it in with the bigger dowel,put one drop of elmers glue on top and smear around with a toothpick hitting the insides of the case.Also 3 or 4 .350 lead balls are fun.Now these shells fireform to your guns chamber and expand slightly in the front half.After firing I dont resize the cases as this will work the brass to much, I knock the primers out in a 45-70 die as this doesn't touch the case wall,or use a lee handloader punch.Some firearms with a small extractor won't pull these out of the gun and you will need a dowel for pushing the empties out.I use an old stevens double and a stoeger double,both of these extract the shells just fine.

March 28, 2005, 10:20 PM
Ahh, frankenloads. Most people are scared of them but I'm not. If you use your head (sounds like you are), they can be very fun and satisfying to make & use.

I have a frankenload or two of my own. I cut down and reform 308 or 30/06 brass (RCBS die) into a brass version of CCI's shotshell loads for the 45ACP. I also use a 410 wad seated over the powder w/a dowel and a pinch of shot and cap it with a single 00 buck. It throws a pretty good rabbit size pattern at 20-25 ft with the buck nicely centered. Cycles the action too.

I had some fun at the range two weeks ago with one of these loads that had an LC headstamp. Saw some guys scrounging brass and tossed one out there for him to find which he did. He starts yelling to his buddy, hey tony what the heck is this..? I let them scratch their heads and wonder for about 5 minutes before wandering over to clue them in on it. They were going nuts trying to figure out what it was. Pretty funny.

March 29, 2005, 08:52 PM
Sounds like quite a bit of work, as many as I go through at a time, but I know a guy that has a .444 marlin that will give me a handful of brass to work with and I have the .45-70 dies already to deprime with. I'll mess around and see what comes of it.


novus collectus
March 29, 2005, 08:58 PM
I bought some relatively cheap russian ammo in .410 that was all stainless steel case. I'm not sure but I think it was made for the AK 47 version that shoots .410. I have to look for it for the brand and for the length but I think they were longer that 45-70 shells (could be wrong). They were certainly longer than my remington .410 1/5 oz. slug.