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March 26, 2005, 11:59 PM
I know this has been gone around again and again, but after a dinner conversation with Howard Block of http://www.jbarms.com and some conversation with some local friends who are not online, I've decide to take the lead on putting a proposal together for the organization of a corporation with the purpose of buying land and creating a dedicated machine gun / destructive device / 50 BMG facility.

My initial goal here is to get some feedback from folks who are tired of talking and are willing to walk the walk. This means a willingness to participate in the actual planning and creation of a corporation, and to put up some samll amount of funds to get this started. I'm willing to put up the initial costs of talking to a lawyer to get the paperwork done for the corp once it can be decided what type of corporation will be formed and what the basic rules will be of the organization.

Because I'm posting this message on different forums, I've created a yahoo groups discussion email list to allow communication between interested parties.

The details of the mail list are as follows:

Post message: [email protected]
Subscribe: [email protected]
Unsubscribe: [email protected]
List owner: [email protected]

The list is private, which means you have to know it exists in order to subscribe.

I hope those of you that have been talking about this for the last year or so are ready to become active participants.

March 29, 2005, 02:52 PM
I've created a website for the group in order to post answers commonly asked questions and provide a central location for informational updates. Please note that the mailing list will remain the primary discussion venue.

The website can be found at http://www.pamachineguns.com

March 29, 2005, 03:15 PM
I just sent the subscribe email today...

I've heard some rumblings about a possible NFA friendly range being developed upstate. My info is pretty limited right now, but as I hear more I'll let you know. From the rumors I've heard so far, it could be as much as 200 acres.