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November 15, 1999, 08:41 PM
I've done a few stalking hunts this year with bow, and I think I'm getting adequate keeping my smelly body under control. But know, I'm off after a bull elk with a rifle, and the various bore cleaners even corrupt my nose. How to, what to use to cover the smell in the field? Come on back with those ideas, I leave in 2 days! Wolfz

Art Eatman
November 15, 1999, 11:30 PM
Well, you could smoke a cigar... :)

Sounds like too much bore cleaner. Anyway, run some dry patches through. Wipe the gun down with a dry cloth. Leave it out of any gun-case or -safe, and in the sun if possible. Give the stuff a chance to evaporate.

For the future, I'd recommend using the minimum of anything in cleaning. It is rare for me to use more than a first patch with some WD40 on it, followed by a dry patch. I wipe the rifle with a patch having a minimum of WD40 or gun oil on it. And I don't do more than check the bore and maybe run an old patch through it during the season.

Good luck, and have fun.

Long Path
November 16, 1999, 01:08 AM
Wood stock or sythetic? Your bore cleaner isn't stinking from the barrel; the dry patches should have gotten that out. It's in amongst the nooks and crannies between the parts. First, if you can re-check your zero afterwards, take the action out of the stock and wipe the stock under it down with a cloth or gauze wet with alcohol, to wipe it off. Make sure it's dry. Then wipe the underside of the action, but re-wipe with a lightly oiled cloth therafter, too. Take out the bolt. Degrease, lightly oil, re-insert. Magazine springs can sometimes collect bore cleaner. Degrease, lightly oil, re-install. Sling: VERY difficult; it's porous. Good excuse to get another one! :) Wood stocks you might take and wipe down with a rapidly evaporating substance to remove the bore cleaner, but I won't be held responsible if it hurts the glossy finish of your pride and joy! My rifles are shooters only, not for looking at!

Good luck.

Will Beararms
November 17, 1999, 09:00 PM
Check the zero and clean the weapon well ahead of the season. During the season if you don't drop the muzzle into mud or dirt, don't clean the bore until after the hunt. Even if you shoot a few rounds, it won't kill you to wait a couple of days before using the bore cleaner. Keep a silicone cloth with you and wipe the implement down at the end of each day. Only use a coating of lubrication if the rifle gets wet.

If you hunt from a tower stand, your chances of exposure will be less should you be forced to use a bore cleaning solution. If you hunt on the ground, try to avoid any cleaning or lubrication solution in favor of a silicone cloth until your time in the woods if up for the year.

Good Luck---Safe Hunting

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