View Full Version : MY RECCE GEAR shotshell pouch

gordo b.
March 21, 2005, 11:42 PM
I took picture of the wonderful pouch Jon at REECE Gear made me! He delivered the goods on time. He made it to MY specs with his expertise applied! Kinda like telling MD what kind of knife you want, or any other top notch no BS artisan!
In case I can't host a picture , it is a pouch about 10" high, 7" wide and maybe 4" deep -expanded, it naturally contracts a schooh. It holds 9" tall AK mags, or 2 Barret M82 mags, or lots of AR or FAL or M14 mags or a ton of shot gun shells!
It has a row of 6 12 gauge loops on the part that wraps the belt(hook and loop but just dropped even with bottom of belt) and two rows of 6 loops on the outside face (which will hold either 12 12gauge sheels OR 6 .50bmg!) And 2 loops on each edge- which help reinforce the shape!
I have the detachable leg strap with the elastic piece - this is real nice, along with the quilted foam padded backing. Also have the elastic on the lips of pouch opening, so if you don't zip and you run-nothing falls out!
This pouch rides across my leg just right, in just the right drop and does not stick out- in short it is PERFECT. And the man delivered ON TIME. I am stoked I put it on my wilderness belt held up with my ORCA suspenders I be styling for the classes coming up! And it hangs in my vault/closet ready to go for those things that go bump in the night (or is that what the side saddle on the 870 is for?) or Red Dawn! :D