View Full Version : Baikal MP-153

March 20, 2005, 10:35 PM
Shot my gun in the action shoot this weekend, I figured I'd throw a review on it, since I didn't see any on searches.

It's a Baikal MP-153(12 gauge), imported by European-American Armories. Remington recently bought it away from them, so expect the prices to be higher now. I don't recall what Remington's changing the name to.

The manual instructed to use 1 1/4 oz 2 3/4" or 3.5" steel shot for the first 100 rounds, to break in the gas system. It swallowed 50 rounds of Super X without a burp. The magazine only holds four rounds, and it comes with a duck plug uninstalled. It has a magazine cut-off--with the switch set right, you can charge it, but it won't feed ammo, and so won't chamber a round. Don't know how much good that is.

The barrel is chromed inside, and the gas parts are hard-chromed. One of the unique things about the gun is the gas system. The outside of the magazine is the gas tube. If you plan on extending the magazine, you'll need to get the one for this shotgun, something I've not done yet. The gas system is self-adjusting, allowing you to use a range of ammo without changing anything. For very heavy/hot loads, or very light loads, you'll have to adjust it. Someone at the range said he had a friend with one, and it needed adjusting to cycle 1oz loads, and still wasn't working well. I've yet to try different loads to see for myself.

It came with improved cylinder, modified, full and extra full chokes. I've yet to pattern it properly. Seven paces and the IC will put alot of the #6 shot I was using within twenty inches. Don't quote me on that yet.

It's a good shotgun, though perhaps a bit heavy for hiking around alot with. I'll have more info when I get more rounds through it, but it's a keeper. Just needs a recoil pad.