View Full Version : Bought a Nova tactical today

gordo b.
March 19, 2005, 09:13 PM
Thought I'd give the 870's a run for their money. I have one 870 Built by Robar in the 80's that was made in 1958 or so and is getting (I think) tired after many rebuilds. I have another 1988 Wingmaster that I could build up but the Benelli Nova at $299 costs about as much as a set of MMC sights installed!
I ordered a 2 round extension factory kit for $52 and a factory light mount that takes an M-3 light. I already have an M-6 light .The Surefire Benelli foreend is $325 :eek: I wish I could figure side mount sling swivels, but I took the Tactical Tailor single point slip on off an AK and low and behold it works pretty cool on the Benelli! :D
I've heard NOTHING but good things about the Benelli tactical! I like the sights and I've heard accuracy is astounding with slugs, although the barrel is cylinder, it looks like they used the old Deerslayer trick of tightening the bore diameter some! I am taking it to an Awerbuck shottie class as a second gun to my old tried and true Robar gun, when I get home the Surefire forend comes off and I'm giving the Robar 870(it has screw in Win chokes) to a son to do what he will with it in Hawaai and points beyond. :)

March 20, 2005, 02:58 PM
Gordo B, does the forearm rattle as much as everyone says it does? How's the recoil compared to the 870? And do you have a pictures with the sling and light mounted? Thanks

chris in va
March 21, 2005, 03:53 AM
My Nova rattles pretty good, but then again I don't hunt with it so it doesn't matter to me.

What bothers me is the ramped sight and stiff/finicky action.