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March 18, 2005, 04:30 PM
Sup guys, well its been a year and its time to go back, we airforce guys are only req. to shoot once a year. BS huh!!! i spend a lot of time at the range with my semi auto hand gun. can i apply my handgun shooting skills to a rifle??? its been a while, haha. thanx guys!!!!

of the crew cheif type

March 18, 2005, 08:00 PM
Fundamentals are fundamentals for a reason. Breath control, sight picture, steady position, and trigger squeeze apply to everything that goes bang. And I'm not going to make fun of the once a year problem. We Army types were only required to go once a year until 2003. Now it's up to twice a year, ooooohhhhh. :barf: If you need me, I'll be at the range practicing with my personal AR-15 and Beretta 92FS.

March 18, 2005, 08:30 PM
Hi airman.........good to see ya

When I was in the Security Police we were required to fire the AF qualification and then Security Police Qualification about 4-6 months later. The SP range work included shooting with the old style gas mask, flack jacket and web gear on. Our CATM instructors would have us do some exercises and run in place for set amount of time. This was to get the heart rate up a little. In a nutshell 2 mandatory trips for qualifications per year. However special weapons required a seperate qualification at least once a year. We did have some great Combat Arms Trainers whom let us get extra range time when they had extra ammo or extra time with no scheduled other goings on.... sometimes on a day off, a bunch of us gun shooting and gun loving fella's and a few gal's would head out to the boonies (state or federal land) in most cases we could find a big hill to use as a back stop. We often made a day of it. I remember taking KFC and beverages for after the shooting was done. I miss those days of young and fun......

If you can practice with any long gun use the same methods as the Army above is telling you. He is very correct when saying basics are paramount. Breath control in a prone and kneeling are very important. Try to be easy on the Pepsi or Coke and coffee before you go. Just my opinion that those beverages will make me a little to hyper and sure as heck you will have to p*ss ten minutes into your range time. Even though some folks around you are jittering and nervous about what they must do, just listen to range masters commands and follow through like your playing volleyball on a sunny beach. It is fun if you can get all your energy into marksmanship and that only........ Good luck not that you need any - but better yet happy lead flinging.... :D

Enjoy and do all that you can........ It will leave you with some great memories for later years in life........ stay safe and best wishes for the land your feet is still to meet....... ;)

March 18, 2005, 10:23 PM
When I was active it was every year to qualify, unless you made expert, then you only had to qual every THREE years!!!!

Luckily, my training SGT. knew how much I liked to shoot, and used me to fill in when someone who was scheduled couldn't make the appointment.

March 23, 2005, 10:14 PM
i qualified with flying colors!!funny thing though...i scored 35-50, funny thing though on my target it only showed that I missed 3 shots....hhmmm right, where are the other 12???12 shots we are given in a round, well i got a liltle flustered after my gun keep jamming on one of the rounds and my silly ass shot at the target next to me!(there right next to each other) HAHAH There were 12 well placed hits on the MSGT's target next to me, (who was doing terribly) my trainer at the range pulled me aside and asked me if by acident i fierd at his target, he was cracking up....realizing after that i had.ohh bye the way the MSGT wouldn't have qualified with out my shots, too funny. the trainer said the hell with it and we'll just look at it like you did great and you helped some one out, we all got a good laugh out of it. I would have got "expert" and an ribbon for my blues...alil bumed out but owell. thanx for you tips guys i really shot well!!!!!

March 23, 2005, 10:36 PM
That's good stuff...you qualified for the both of you - ha!

March 23, 2005, 10:45 PM
A captain did that to me at my last M9 range. We were shooting the second table and when we went to check targets, I had 26 holes in my target (after 20 had been fired) and half of them were in the white. I knew that I couldn't have done that, so we checked his target. Fourteen holes in it. Oh well, his rounds didn't count in my target because I already had 20 in it and I fired expert despite his "help". Unfortunately, when we were in the prone, I fired my second-to last round and when I was in full recoil, accidentally hit the trigger when the pistol started to come down. So the round went over the wall into downtown Ameriyah somewhere. :o

March 23, 2005, 11:20 PM
So do they only make you shoot once a year or do they only allow you to shoot once a year?

This is similar to the same complaints my brother is having writing to me from Fort Benning, GA. He says it is retarded having to march 8 miles in full ruck to fire 30 rounds and then turn around and head home again. He is used to hiking and even hiking with rifles cause that is all we do in our free time anyways. He just hates only being allowed to fire 30 rounds...

March 23, 2005, 11:51 PM
well im active duty Airforce, and now im qual'd for 2 YEARS!!! I really wish we got to shoot more than that. kinda silly, I really dont see my self shooting nebody ne time soon since im a crew chief ;) . But....you never know when your deployed in a foward location what can happen. I know our SP's shoot like every 6 mounths, and anybody in a combat afsc.. i guess its all realitive. I enjoy shooting..so i wish i could shoot more often. Thinking bout getting a ar-15 someday, Man oh man our m16 are Acuuuuuurate as hell!!!! great gun, the only thing i found weird is they strip and clean them after every session and only 100 rounds are fired thourgh it, plus they lube the hell out of it! im talking alot of clp. i was like what the heck?? :confused: i own a simi auto hand gun that opperates a lil beter dry than all loobed up. our trainer were poring clp in some of the guns jaming...boggled me. haha