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novus collectus
March 17, 2005, 02:53 PM
I know that making a bolt action rifle into a full/semiauto rifle has been done before (out of desperate need). I just want to know if anyone has done it a second time. The one time that I am aware of was the enfield MKIII conerted to full auto in New Zealand. I want to try it with a k31 shmidt-rubin because it has a straight pull bolt and I figure that the hard part is already done.

novus collectus
March 17, 2005, 04:54 PM
I also wonder if anyone out there would know if I could use a gas piston from another rifle for this venture. And if there are any ideas for a dissconnector of some type that would make it semiauto. The New Zealand army Chesterfield was (I think) select fire full auto and single shot (not semi auto).

March 18, 2005, 09:36 AM
You might try researching the Pedersen device used in WWI. It converted the Springfield into a semi-auto.
BTW don't even attempt to make a FA. Newly made FA firearms are illegal in the USA thanks to the 1986 FOPA.

novus collectus
March 18, 2005, 11:37 AM
Yeah I know bout full auto. Thats why I wonder about how to utilize a dissconnector. Thanks though.
The Pederson device was a great idea but it totally replaced the bolt and fired pistol sized ammo. The Chesterfield fired .303 enfield and still used the origional trunbolt. I figured it would be easier to alter the k31 than it would be to totally manufacture a whole device like the Pederson.

novus collectus
March 19, 2005, 02:42 AM
I've been calling the bolt conversion rifle by the wrong name. It is the Charlton light machine gun in 303 that is a converted enfield bolt action.

March 28, 2005, 10:11 AM
Think the Govt. destroyed all of the Pederson devices save a few in collector's hands. The cartridge was reportedly terribly under powered form all accounts.

Like the previous poster said, forget the full auto stuff, the Feds now use tanks and helicopters and snipers against their image of lawbreakers.

Take a look at John Browning's "potato digger" machine gun and definitly consider a proper disconnector.sear arrangement to render it "semi"...........