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Futo Inu
June 28, 1999, 03:19 PM
As reported in NRA Publications:


A new CD-ROM computer game published by Simon & Schuster takes a farcical look at the sport of hunting. There's only one problem: The aim of the game is to bag people. As such, the idea of "Deer Hunter Avenger" isn't too funny to most hunters. In the game, hapless hunters are found by scouting "sign" such as empty beer cans and nudie magazines left strewn about the landscape. Players lure their quarry with "calls" such as "Free Beer Here", and a woman's voice which cries "Help, I'm naked and I've got a pizza." Then, your alter-ego, Bambo, bags his trophy with an M-16, a bazooka, or a slingshot armed with deer dung. Across the nation, many outdoors folks have expressed dismay, to say the least, at the publisher's brazenness. Safari Club Int'l calls this misstatement about the American tradition of hunting "wrong-headed and false", and has asked that the game be recalled. Simon & Schuster, which bills itself as one of the world's largest educational book publishers, calls the game a "parody." But is it a parody of safe, ethical, law-abiding hunters to characterize them as drunken womanizers littering the woods? Or have hunters simply become the last easy target of opportunity in a time when it would be unthinkable to similarly cheap-shop racial, ethnic, and religious groups?

Art Eatman
June 28, 1999, 05:55 PM
You mean you ain't fingered it out? That the only PC targets for jokes in the U.S. of A. of today is white males? Particularly if they are "rednecks", "NRA", or hunters or shooters. If you're a farmer or rancher, you're a redneck, by definition. Same for any blue collar white male. I mean, ever'body KNOWS they're no damned good!

Hey, get with the program, Bubba!