View Full Version : Doves, Anyone?

May 8, 1999, 12:30 PM
It looks as though we are finally going to have a great Dove season here in Arizona for a change. The last two have been terrible, due to the lack of water, but this year, the air is full of the little devils already.

While in Texas a while ago, I noticed that they had the same problem, LOTS of doves.
I am cleaning and oiling my 1100, and buying all of the #8s in 12 ga. I can find.
This year, I expect a return on my investment.

Anybody wanna go Hunting?

Rich Lucibella
May 9, 1999, 07:01 AM
Count me in. I doubt it'll be as lively as hunting doves in Columbia, but the company will make up for it!

Mike Spight
May 10, 1999, 05:04 PM
MAD DOG: Thanks for the invite...I'd love to come out and miss lots of doves. BTW, the ones out there are the white winged variety, right? Missing them nonetheless, it's still loads of fun and when combined with good company, food and drink damn near impossible to beat...Have fun and bust a few for me.